Synergizing Our Earthly and Spiritual Beingness: Owning Our Spiritual Nature

Synergizing Our Earthly and Spiritual Beingness: Owning Our Spiritual Nature


Synergizing our earthly and spiritual beingness is the ideal for this lifetime (and any lifetime on Earth). It sounds good - great even. Does it sound doable, though? More importantly, does it feel doable?

Synergizing Our Earthly and Spiritual Beingness: Owning Our Spiritual Nature | Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive :: The Soul Ways

Whether it sounds or feels doable or not, the fact is it is doable. That doesn't mean it's "easy." And that doesn't mean it's "hard," either. Consider it from this perspective: Synergizing our earthly and spiritual beingness is what we signed up for in this lifetime. That way of being represents our foundational purpose, just as it always has.

Whether incarnated starseed, incarnated angel or incarnated soul, we all chose or volunteered for life on Earth to raise the vibration here. And how exactly do we accomplish that? Through the synergy of Earth energy and spirit energy. Through embracing the passionate grittiness of the earthly and the frequency-raising illumination of the spiritual, simultaneously and equally.

And again, it doesn't sound all that "hard." I mean, it isn't as though pulling that balancing act off would get us crucified. Right? Well, not in this millennium and not in the way we immediately imagine. And yet it might raise some eyebrows.

The earthly and spiritual beingness of Jesus

Oh, yes I did. I went there. And why? Well, why not? After all, it could be said that Jesus is the poster child for synergizing the earthly with the spiritual.

What did he do? He pulled it off. And even though it did, indeed, get him crucified, he made his point before that. He proved it was possible to both walk on Earth as a man and walk on water as a spirit at the same time.

He broke bread and drank wine with the lowliest among us, and restored sight to the blind. He channeled spirit during his sermons and made his living as a carpenter. He abided with people of all creeds and backgrounds, and he abided with the one; spirit; god. And he did that all at the same time. Yes, it was his purpose, and yet that purpose was also his true self.

If he could do it, with all that he faced during a harrowing time in history, so can we. Because if it was the now in which he incarnated for that larger purpose, he'd fit right in. We'd follow him on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to his blog, YouTube channel and podcast. And he'd do the same for many of us as a part of the new age/spiritual community that continues to grow.

Catch a vision

Can't you just envision giving and receiving with him side by side at an energy healing exchange or an intuitive growth/mediumship circle? I sure can. I'm sure he'd love The Mustard Seed and Circles of Wisdom. It's easy, too, envisioning him as a guest speaker at a Unitarian or Universalist or Spiritualist church; maybe all three.

And very likely he'd laugh over the Jesus products created using the face of Jonathan Van Ness. Is that sacreligious or blasphemous? Not from my perspective, and I highly doubt from Jesus', either.

Thing is, he chose to incarnate at a time that might be considered the most challenging time possible. It could be said we chose similarly. It's just a different time with different challenges. And while we don't face the type of persecution he did, we still face persecution from some people.

Dare to be different

Synergizing our earthly and spiritual beingness opens the possibility of people seeing more of us than we find comfortable. When we synergize in a balanced way, our spiritual practices and abilities optimally assume a co-starring role with our human practices and abilities.

In that state, they cohabitate seamlessly, effortlessly. And so, sharing insight heard clairaudiently is no different than sharing a joke heard from a friend - to us, at least. For those around us - and perhaps especially for those who know us best - it may be confounding and/or confusing. And that's okay.

I am under no obligation to make sense to you. ~ Being Earthly and Spiritual: Owning Our Spiritual Nature ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive :: The Soul Ways
I don't know who the image artist is. If you do, please tell me so I can give them attribution. It's so perfect.

If you're reading this, chances are you have some experience with the synergy discussed. And that means you likely receive side-eye or outright stares when you express your spiritual and earthly ways in tandem... You know, as if it's normal. Well, it is normal. That's how it's meant to be offered and received.

In large part, we're wayshowers - just like Jesus. We possess the exquisite opportunity to express the gorgeous synergy of earthly and spiritual as a way of showing others what's possible. And through that wayshowing, perhaps we may inspire others to create and express their own synergy.

Doing that requires that we be equally earthly and spiritual, out loud, in public and in private. And while at first we might notice people viewing us as "different," that will change. Just imagine...

Blessed be.

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