Sugar Addiction: Unprocessed Synchronicities

It was an unexpectedly impassioned status update:

"Sugar Addiction 101: I have been struggling with sugar addiction and binging for quite some time now! And enough is enough!!! The reason why sugar is so addictive is because dopamine is released when eaten, which makes you feel happy! So that is why people seek out sugar when they are stressed, upset, or bored. And that is how I started!! Now, because of my job and the constant availability of sugar, I have a full-blown sugar addiction where I can't stop eating it even after the tiniest bite! It's a constant battle in my brain, and it's exhausting, and I usually succumb to my cravings! Now, the reason why it is so hard to stop is because your brain is signaling that it needs more! It's signaling that it needs more nutrients and minerals, [because] in the process of breaking down sugar those nutrients and minerals are diminished! The only problem is, you can't decipher what [your] body is telling you you need more of, so you keep eating sugar and carbs [because]  that is what you want, not what you need! So today I ate three small cookies, two cookies worth of cookie dough, a piece of sweet potato ginger tart, two halfway cookie bars, some chocolate, nibbled on some buckwheat ginger snaps, and it's crazy to write it all down like this, but this wasn't even that bad of a day!!! And that's scary!! It's a constant struggle, and I have tried everything! The only thing left is to go without sugar for 21 days [because] it takes that long to create a new habit! I need to do this for my health and for my family! If you are struggling with sugar, or just want to support me, I encourage you to do it with me! Here's to no longer obsessing over sugar and being happy, healthy, and energized!!!!"

The author of the post references their job. The author is a pastry chef, and a fine one, at that. Is it any wonder that sugar could become a problem? Of course, you needn't be a pastry chef for sugar addiction to be problematic.

The reason that I've referenced the post is because of my addiction to processed sugar, and its misalignment with holistic whole-food eating.

Sugar: It isn't as sweet as it's made out to be.


Synchronicity number one has to do with the timing of the post. It came at a point when I was eyeing the pattern I'd fallen into of "treating" myself to something sweet after dinner. Every night. And I'm not talking whole-food sweetness, I'm talking processed white-sugar sweetness. Purportedly vegan-friendly or not, white sugar isn't good for the body.

Synchronicity number two came into play with the usage of an essential oil. Yesterday, when I was filling up the 22-ounce glass water bottle I use daily for the fourth time, I felt a spirit-based ping and found myself compelled to add a drop of oil to my water - just one drop. I was guided to Purification™ (which, by the way, isn't recommended for ingestion). I double-checked and triple-checked, receiving a clear "yes" to each inquiry.

The same thing happened today as I refilled that bottle for the third time. It makes sense. I'm seeking to purify my body from processed sugar. It stands to reason that Purification™ will support me in that endeavor.

That leads me to synchronicity number three, which is around the timing of my choice to join the post's impassioned author in their quest to go sugar-free (while staying away from artificial sweeteners, by the way). As of today, I've started three new classes at the online college I'm attending. One of them is Psychology Theories: Honoring the Masters.

As I perused the syllabus, and then delved into the details of the weekly assignments, I made a discovery: We're asked to journal three to five pages every day, for the length of the eight-week course. I couldn't help but laugh as I considered what might show up in my journal as I begin the detoxification process. I'm curious. And committed.

What's your truth?

Have you given up processed sugar? If yes, what was your experience?  If no, do you think it's something you need to do?

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