Succeed Abundantly

Succeed Abundantly ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ The Empress from Shadowscapes Tarot

Daily card and channeled message: The Empress from Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, published by Llewellyn Books.

“Wash away all dearest rash assignments which would have you fear any change. Wash away assignments of sacred rashness for assignments of healing and caring and loving. The Empress empowers you to succeed abundantly, to fulfill wholly, to receive gratefully, to give openly, to bring all potent energy into the wealth and sacred truth of your soul energy.”


The energy is so very different in this second full day of the new year. It feels deeply “potent” and yet exquisitely light. I feel quite “high” with it, and that’s even with grounding. We aren’t in Kansas anymore.

What are you noticing?

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