Spiritual Awakening: Owning Our Spiritual Nature

Spiritual awakening is, in human terms, very much like pushing the pause button on the now. Once paused, we rewind to our origin and scoop that energy up. Energy in hand, we fast forward to the now and press play. We're wholly present and more alive than we ever believed possible.

Spiritual Awakening: Owning Our Spiritual Nature | A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #spiritualawakening #thesoulways

That point of awakening - something I often refer to as remembering - is so brief as to be immeasurable with human time. And yet, brief as it is, seemingly everything changes.

In a way, we could perceive it as though our life to that point resembled a ride on the merry-go-round. The ride is nice enough, although sometimes a bit too repetitious. Then, when spiritual awakening occurs, we find ourselves buckled into the wildest roller coaster not yet imagined.

The spiritual awakening lightning bolt

The point of no return - that moment of impact - could be compared to a lightning bolt. Equally illuminating and electrifying, we may feel uncomfortably exposed and exquisitely - almost unbearably - inspired.

And why is that? What about awakening brings us both back from and up to the brink?

"The remembering stirs within the awakened the understandings they easefully accessed from the soul realms."

Yes. A deep tension exists at that brink - that precipice. The tension comes from the contrast of the human unknowing and the soul knowing. The human unknowing results from the conditioning with the ego. When pitched against the soul knowing, there may rise a feeling that we know something really important, and yet it hides from us... in plain sight.

It's maddening, in a way. It's also exhilarating. Because a grand part of the journey of spiritual awakening is peeling back the layers of conditioning, revealing the qualities and abilities we all hold. The peeling practice illuminates and electrifies, opening us ever more. And the more we open, the more we remember and the more we know.

No matter where we find yourselves in life, no matter our age or experience, spiritual awakening awaits us. Will we surrender to its grace?

Blessed be.

Ancients and Original Witches

Ancients and Original Witches

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