Spiritual Activations: Owning Our Spiritual Nature

What are spiritual activations? We could compare them to the seasoning for a cauldron of soup known as our evolution, a.k.a. ascension. That evolution soup for our soul simmers perpetually. While occasional boiling points occur during which we add additional seasoning (a.k.a. activations), it otherwise simmers with perpetual invitation.

The invitation focuses solely upon our consistent unfolding and upleveling, and our persistent surrendering to it. The more we accept the invitation, the more we evolve. The more we evolve, the more we change and bloom. And the more we change and bloom, the more we find available to us; the more we recognize our energetic limitlessness.

Spiritual Activations: Owning Our Spiritual Nature | A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #spiritualactivations #spiritualawakening #spiritualawareness #thesoulways

Part of spiritual awakening, spiritual activations spice up and make more hearty our evolution soup. Often referred to as downloads and/or initiations, the activations prompt change energetically that may affect us cellularly. In other words, upgrades made to our spiritual dna may affect our human dna... which, we may admit, is pretty cool. (I admit that happily.)

The activations also offer us access to additional abilities. While those abilities exist as part of our birthright, the activations align us energetically for working with them. The sort of abilities the activations align us for lie beyond foundational intuitive senses. In this instance, the level of ability accessed may include indwelling or light body engineering, for example.

And for clarity, "level of ability" simply indicates an ability both the physical and energy body has been adequately prepared to handle... through activations.

Spiritual activations as signposts

Activations act as signposts during our spiritual evolution. They mark points we might consider graduations, of sorts. Those graduations then lead us to the next phase of our evolution.

Some of the signposts - graduations - may feel more extreme and/or important than others. And if we think about it, we probably discover that's the case with all of life's graduations. There's a big difference between, for example, the graduation of marriage and the graduation of moving from sophomore to junior year.

Activations are pure energy. That energy may impact us lightly - like a mild cold - or they may impact us severely - like a 24-hour stomach bug. The difference in intensity most definitely reflects the difference in intent. Sometimes the activations are more like simple tune-ups, while other times they're more like major overhauls.

How an activation might feel

While solely energetic, spiritual activations are very much felt physically.

Smaller activations - the tune-ups - might manifest as light jolts of electricity shooting through us. They also might manifest as tingling sensations at various chakra points, even including the palms of our hands and soles of our feet.

Larger activations - the overhauls - might manifest as strong jolts of electricity that make our entire bodies jump. They also might manifest as inexplicable feelings of extreme tiredness and/or illness that come and go without warning. There's no feeling of onset, as with coming down with a cold. It's as though a switch flips and the symptoms present themselves, and then the switch flips again and they're gone.

What an activation might produce

Spiritual activations might produce feelings of extreme peace, which is lovely. They might also produce ringing in one or both ears associated with incoming messages from the astral planes. Another possible manifestation might include highly active dreams that we wake from feeling their importance or even remembering them in great detail.

Past those few possibilities (many more exist), the activations produce a range of upgrades around our intuitive abilities. We may find ourselves suddenly using a different "tool" in healing and/or intuitive sessions that we weren't even aware of before. Or we may find it far easier to hear/see/feel/know at the intuitive level. (In essence, the activations working as an amplifier.)

Whatever they produce, the activations always occur for our highest and best. And they also occur when we're ready for them, whether we realize or believe we're ready for them or not.

Spiritual activations are part of our spiritual evolution.

In that way, we could consider them natural and normal... and expected. Know and trust they benefit us. Accept them, and stay curious about what they offer us for our toolkits.

Blessed be.

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