Spirit Guides: A Q and A

Spirit Guides: A Q and A

Ask and you shall receive. That's a familiar saying, isn't it? And more often than not, it's true - at least to some extent.

I asked via my Instagram stories, "What are your questions about spirit guides?"

I received, from that ask, a number of questions, which I then responded to.

Spirit Guides: A Q and A ~ A blog post by Intuitive Ellen :: Ellen M. Gregg

Here are the Qs and As about spirit guides:

Do certain folks from the same soul groups have the same spirit guides in common?

Fantastic question! Channeled response:

"We see a truth imparted here. Soul groups who form contracts for learning a specific lesson will perhaps discover they share a single guide who will assist with the lesson. Once learned by all, the guide moves on and is replaced by specific guides for each soul in the group."

Isn't that interesting? It's something I hadn't thought of, never mind thought to ask.

Soul groups, in case you're unfamiliar, are those souls who tend to connect repeatedly in various incarnations. They play different roles each time, and yet their purpose, across the board, is to support each other's soul growth.

How do we connect with them, and how do we know they are with us?

A common question, for sure, with an uncommon answer, because it's different for each of us. Here's why:

As an example, I'm clair-all - proficient in all the clair senses. My guides use those senses to communicate with me, because they're how I connect with my intuition and highest self. So...

If you're dominant in clairaudience (clear hearing), they'll make use of that sense to connect with you, mostly (not exclusively).

As far as how we connect with them, my suggestions are:

  • Designate a journal or notebook solely for connecting with your guides. Write questions out, and then make way for automatic/channeled writing in response.
  • Use your strongest clair sense. If it's clairaudience, then use songs, phrases, sounds that you assign specific meaning to.

"Invite them in to your world using that which you're most confident in. Treasure their presence, for they treasure yours."

That channeled message brings me to this: They are always with us. They don't go away, just as our in-spirit loved ones don't go away. Rather, there are times we'll sense them more than others because they're needing to make themselves more associated with what we're doing and how we're being.

A lot of this - as with most things intuitive and spiritual - comes down to intention, and faith and trust in ourselves and our ability (innate, natural, birthright) to connect with our guides, angels, ancestors, etc.

Does it matter if I don't know their names?

Another great question.

No, it doesn't really matter to them. Does it matter to you, though, what the names of your five spirit guides and two angels are? (Yes, the person who asked this question has five spirit guides and two angels on their spirit team, currently.)

If it does matter, ask them to tell you what their names are. Be prepared to either 1) receive those names through books, TV shows, social media, music, billboards, license plates, etc., or 2) use your journal or notebook and automatic-write their names.

Do they give us nudges in situations? I feel like I sense that sometimes.

Absolutely. Channeled message alert:

"We ask that you create an awareness of the way you receive insights and messages. Through this way, we will provide you with information regarding your situation."

Yes, yes, yes. That's why it's so helpful to identify your intuitive strengths through the clair senses. They're your spiritual mode of communication.

What's the difference, if any, between spirit guides and angels?

There is a difference.

"Spirit guides are teachers. They support you with your soul purpose, and your soul work.

"Angels support you to integrate all ease into your life. They serve as guardians, as well as sacred helpers in times of need."

Quoted text is channeled, although that's my understanding of their differences, too.

Of course, there's more to that difference, including the fact that spirit guides have usually had their own share of human incarnations, which is what makes them great teachers for us.

Do you have any more questions about spirit guides? Feel free to leave them in comments, below.

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