Spirit Guides: Getting to Know Our Teams of Teachers and Helpers

Spirit guides or, as I refer to them, our spirit teams, are groups of energies who are assigned to us as teachers and helpers during our time on the Earth plane.

In the Beginning

When we're born, we have a group of spirit guides to help us navigate the powerful gravity of Earth. And when I say "gravity" I mean that in the physical sense.In our spirit forms, we're used to having no actual form of matter; nothing to weigh us down. We can be everywhere in every time, all at once. (We can do that as humans, too. That's for a different post.)And then birth happens. We're anchored to a human form which is very much of matter; an average of 7 to 8 pounds of it.In our newborn state, we are in full remembrance of our spirit self and its limitless nature. And we're faced with the weight of the human form and its limitations.The spirit guides with whom we interact at that stage of life are charged with keeping us calm and reminding us of the power of our spirit.Whether those guides are angels or the spirits of those who have lived as humans or spirits who have never known the human form, they all have one goal: Openness. Keep the newborn open. Keep the toddler open. Keep the child open.This particular team remains with us until we've reached puberty.Imagine that. Imagine how it must be for our early teams to work on keeping us open and receptive in spite of the humanness by which we're surrounded and enveloped.Yikes.Spirit Guides: Getting to Know Our Teams of Teachers and Helpers

Through Puberty

At the time of puberty, which is, as we all know, a highly volatile time in the life of every human, we experience a significant shift in our spirit team.It's at this time that we enter a phase of life which creates such a depth of physiological change that our spiritual nature can be completely lost to us.To navigate these years (for the most part, the teen years as a whole), our entire spirit team adjusts to include a grouping of what could be termed "heavy hitters."These heavy hitters are guides who are fully intent on reasoning with the raging ego (brought forth by raging hormones, among other things).The spirit guides put to this task are those who have trained as humans and as guides multiple times to be better equipped with the tools to help us as much as possible. They are joined by a new representative from the angel realms to support the spirit.What's interesting (to me) about how the roles of these guides have changed  since I went through puberty is the greatly increased ability for humans at this age to retain memories of their spirit life and all that goes with it.We're at a point in time when Earth's energy has been changed to make that possible. We're approaching a time when Earth's energy will be such that all aspects of spirit life can be produced on the Earth plane.Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the world in which awakening is no longer necessary, because everyone is awakened. That's the world that's approaching with remarkable speed.

Into Adulthood

As we move into adulthood, our spirit teams change again and set a tone for frequent changeability and progression.As it stands now, in this twilight of an in-between time from the world as it has been to the world as it will be, we have the need for a highly-changeable spirit team.For example, I began adulthood with a team of five spirit guides. Since that time, my team has fully changed about 12 times to date. There is no one guide who has been a constant with me since age 20.Why is that? Progression. "Toppling the ego realm." Accepting and aligning with my spirit.That sentence in quotes is from my team. It provoked the need in me to pause and ask, "There's an ego realm?"Their answer: "Yes."It's an interesting way to consider the ego, for sure. (Maybe a helpful way to consider the ego.)As we progress in our spiritual nature, the need for different spirit guides increases to ensure we are learning what we need to and being helped to retain those teachings.I find it helps for me to think of it as a spirit-realm version of Hogwarts. There are different teachers for different "classes," and so as we complete certain classes and begin other classes, we have new teachers to instruct us.Make sense?

Higher Realms

As we progress into higher spiritual learning some of our guides will come from higher realms.In keeping with the Hogwarts reference, this higher learning would be the equivalent of a sorcerer's college or university after graduation from Hogwarts.This is when we may find ourselves working with masters such as Jesus, the Buddha, Mary, Quan Yin, Melchizedek, etc. This is also when we may find ourselves enjoying the company of the archangels as guides in addition to guardians.How awesome is that? ?Nothing against our other spirit guides who don't happen to be from the higher realms. It's just that working with energies from the higher realms is different in an exciting and humbling way.Right now, due to the work I'm doing, my spirit team includes Jesus, the Magdalene (Mary Magdalene), and Archangel Sandalphon. There are five others on my team (William, Jasper, Marigold, Rebekkah, Petra), and yet those three are specifically assigned for the "high work" I'm asked to accomplish at this time.(By the way, I'm told we each have a minimum of three guides at any given time, and there is no limit to the number we can have assigned to us. It all depends on what we're asked to do in our lifetimes.)Do all humans work with those from the higher realms? Yes. The volume of those guides is the only differential, to a person.

Lower Realms

By "lower realms" I mean Earth-based realms. For those pursuing their "degree" in spiritual alignment, we may also find ourselves assigned guides who are fairies, elves, and other elemental energies.These energies are currently assigned specifically to those who are here to be of deep service to Earth's well-being. (Shout out to Earth angels!) And that brings up another interesting (and hopeful) point:There will come a time when everyone will appreciate the tutelage of these energies because everyone will be invested in deep service to Earth's well-being.On that note, my spirit guides want to speak to that wonderful truth:

"Presently, there is a great rift between what the Earth needs and what the humans are doing to the Earth. There is a time we foresee in which there will be a great change and the rift will be sealed forever."

They're showing me what looks like Pandora from Avatar. It's a breathtakingly lush and deeply healing panorama of a well Earth.Yes, please!

Participating and Communicating

Our relationship with our spirit guides is meant to be participatory, not passive. Our oneness suggests that we are in an active relationship with all beings, and that's something I believe to be true.That being the case, communicating will be easy, right?It can be easy. It's meant to be easy. That, however, necessitates us to stop grappling with the ego and start tuning in to our hearts and spirits. It necessitates opening to our spiritual natures without restriction.It also necessitates us living in a state of constant surrender and curiosity. In that state and through those qualities, we find the sort of communication which feels every bit as normal and easy as talking to our friends and family across the table.Considering there's no more veil to create a separation of any sort, the ability to be in such a level of communication with our spirit teams is at our fingertips.One of my soul purposes in this lifetime is to bridge the communication gap. That's what I do in intuitive readings. I channel the energies of clients' spirit teams and they speak through me to their charges.I particularly love when they offer specific ways to communicate with them, and when they share how they've been communicating to their humans.It's a humbling experience to be reminded that the simplest bit of synchronicity can be a carefully crafted communication from a spirit guide or an entire team of guides.Accepting that communication with our spirit teams, and all the spirit and angel realms, has grown significantly more accessible is a huge first step toward establishing an open line of communicating regularly.

How to Communicate with Spirit Guides

I can't let this post be without some frame of reference for those wishing to be communicating with their spirit teams.The question for my team is, "How can humans best be initiating and receiving communication from their spirit teams?"

"We wish for the humans to be listening. We wish for the humans to be seeing. We wish for the humans to be feeling. We notice we speak through the chakras. We speak through the crown and the third eye, and through the heart."We show them signs and numbers. We send them the aromas. We touch them. We remind them."We wish for humans to be listening and putting notice to the words and songs and images and aromas and visions and we wish for them to be noticing the numbers.""We reason the doubt of the ego wishes to be preaching over the truth of the spirit. Powering the spirit over the ego creates a great opening to be in receiving our messages."

Wow. That's a loaded answer. I want to be clear about "hearing" messages. These messages will be heard between our ears; no disembodied voices for our spirit teams. Listen from within, please.

In Closing

It's unusual, at this stage of my path, to have such a long post come with so little channeled guidance. Of course, the information contained in this post came from my guides, and yet they weren't asking to be given free rein over the process.They were holding out a little bit, and that's because I'm understanding they're working in conjunction with the energies of all the spirit teams of every person who will find and read this post. (No big deal, right? ?)As a whole, they wish to deliver a mass message. Here it is:

"The message we wish to convey to you is a wish. We wish for you to know your greatness. We wish for you to know your power. We wish for you to know your heart. We wish for you to know your peace. "The message we wish to convey represents the wish of all who are called to be in guidance to the humans. We present to you our wish. We present to you our love. We present to you our peace."

Well. That brought tears to my eyes, and not just because I can feel the heart of their message.We are so close to being in the cradle of a time which will show us how to live in peace and how to be in keeping with our deep spiritual natures. So close.Through our continued efforts to live through our hearts and spirits, and to approach all of life with love and peace, we all come ever closer, ever faster.There's no better (or other) time than now. ?

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