Specialness in Spirituality: Owning Our Spiritual Nature

Specialness in spirituality is a topic that doesn't receive much bandwidth in spiritual circles. And that's probably a good thing, in the sense that the need for it may not exist. However, I've observed some of it recently; enough so that I felt it required illumination.

Specialness in Spirituality: Owning Our Spiritual Nature | A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #beingspecial #specialness #spirituality #thesoulways

Using identifiers for specialness in spirituality

It's awesome that we identify as being a lightworker, an Earth angel, an Earthkeeper, an Atlantean or Pleiadian, etc. There's nothing intrinsically "wrong" with that, as it's our human way to assign labels and identities. And there's nothing intrinsically "wrong" with those identifiers making us feel special, per se. After all, each and every one of us is special in our own way.

It becomes "wrong," however, when we take those identities and create intentional hierarchies with them. Doing that creates a measurement system by which we then identify who's "higher up" on the rungs of the ladder. And in doing that, the likelihood exists that we'll draw comparisons.

We may determine, for example that an Earth angel is higher on the ladder than a lightworker or an Earthkeeper. Or we may determine that Atlanteans contributed more to Earth's development than Pleiadians. That sort of determination creates a slippery slope. And that slippery slope takes us out of our soul and into our head.

Specialness as an ego trip-up

For some of us, it may happen that we use determinations such as those stated above for worth-bolstering. We may find ourselves short on self-supported worth and reach outside ourselves for additional validation of our specialness. The high achieved may then result in a sense of superiority: a straight-up ego trip.

The trip-up engages us with a need for more specialness, becoming an ego trip-up. There arises a vicious cycle of "feed the need" that might appear to observers as one-upmanship. And that observation would be accurate.

When we get in our heads to that level, it promotes a need for near-constant reassurance that we're as special as we've identified ourselves to be. That sort of behavior exists fully outside of the soul and fully inside the head.

The remedy for this behavior: remembering our oneness; our innate equality with everyone else on this planet.

Spirituality and its new-age identities don't render us better than or higher than or more evolved than anyone else. So while it's all well and good to identify ourselves with spiritual attributes, we must remember our soul roots, which we all share. In that way, we may experience the sort of specialness that seats us in the throne of our soul.

Blessed be.

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