Soul Mates: Sixth Card for the New Energies

If you read this week’s guidance message, you’ll know it’s suggested we draw a daily card specific to the message to help glean all we can from it.

? My first personal draw for the week was Imagine.
? My second personal draw for the week was Between Worlds.
? My third personal draw for the week was Yin.
? My fourth personal draw for the week was To Be Fair.
? My fifth personal draw for the week was Higher Power.

Here’s the card I drew for me today, and its message for my work’s evolution:

Soul Mates: Sixth Card for the New Energies

Soul Mates ~ Card from Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Oracle deck.

We see the soul mates card is wishing to remind the women they are in alignment with many people as they walk through the journey of reclaiming their divine femininity.

Here we are again with a super short and sweet message for today's card. And once again I can observe that there isn't a need for more than that to grasp its meaning - and its importance.

What I'm understanding from this card and its message is that the women who are drawn to this new work will find themselves engaged with soul sisters; souls with whom they've walked before in previous lives and are now appearing in their feminine forms.

And given what's been revealed about this new work and the work it will ask women to undertake, it seems that soul connection will be most helpful in navigating the program.

It's a connection that is actually a reconnection, and that forges a different type of bond; a deeper and broader bond. It's a bond that is unbreakable in the sense that even with non-attachment the river of its energy runs its course.

Through that bond, which runs most certainly back through time and may also run forward through time, great healing is possible. Old wounds can be mended. Karma can be released. Evolution can be forged more swiftly and surely and strongly.

It's all for the good. Blessings be.

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