Soul Energy: Spiritual Mastery

Soul Energy: Spiritual Mastery

Vibrant beings, the energy of the soul engages deeply within you. The energy ceases the ego's minimizing and enriches the powerful expansion. The energy entreats the human to engage with the intuition, to prevent the wars, to heal the earth. The energy opens the portals of the galaxies portending the galactic gateway.

The engagement with the energy of the soul filters the despair and the grief and the anger and the hate with love and compassion. The energy vacates the shadows as it is ready to embrace the light . The energy engages the healing and the wonder and the powerful interplay of soul within human. The energy of the soul beseeches all to enrich themselves and their world with the one.

Well, I guess that's my cue to talk about soul energy, as I've come to know it.

Soul Energy: Spiritual Mastery ~ Sharing what soul energy is, and what its purpose is. ~Intuitive Ellen #soulenergy #energyhealing

It came up during the collective reading I conducted for the 2017 Solar Eclipse, and yet not in a explanatory way. My guides tell me it was "off the cuff." Agreed. There's a bit more about it in my post about the 1111 portal of 2017:

"The advent of soul energy 'consecrates' this year’s portal. Soul energy lends its transformative properties additional 'weight.' Rather than being a stark white energy, threads of gold interweave throughout it; a gorgeous and unexpected treat for witnessing and experiencing."

There still isn't a lot to go on, and yet the mention of the color gold is important. When I view soul energy it appears as a beautiful golden yellow. Let's learn more.

The Energy of the Soul, a.k.a Soul Energy

Back on November 3, 2017, I sat at my trusty partner-in-evolution friend Tina's kitchen table with two other like-minded friends. We knew in advance there was an agenda, of sorts. That fact had been made clear in pre-meeting communications. We also knew it was about the still-new-to-us soul energy my guides primed me with earlier in the Summer.

I was guided to record the main body of the meeting - the part specific to soul energy. Here are the important bits:

And so, also we would wish for you to understand we will be addressing soul energy. The soul energy is a new way of communicating healing, and will permit anyone who wishes to use the soul energy to use the soul energy. We notice no symbols, no gestures, only energy. And if you consider the way of Reiki, then more similar than Master Energy.

Anyone who practices Reiki or, I believe, Healing Touch, understands the simplicity of the hand movements and placements. No bells and whistles. Just place your hands on or above the area for healing. Master Energy was a lot more active. (I say was, because it's off the table now that soul energy exists.)

Master Energy required broad sweeping and scooping motions to gather energy, and then "pressing" the gathered energy into the area for healing. It also worked almost exclusively with the chakra system.

After that channeled announcement, we were given "a demonstration" of soul energy using my pendulum, which was very cool. We were shown the "diagram" of soul energy, and then we were shown the diagram of Reiki. Rather than try to explain it, let me show you:

Interesting, yes? I find it a bit astonishing that the energetic structure of soul energy is so markedly different than that of Reiki and Master Energy.

We also had a discussion regarding how it was shown to me through my third eye. What I saw - and see - is a double helix with a golden "pole" down the middle. The pole - which, when I look at it from the top, resembles a tight corkscrew - is the root of soul energy, and then the energy radiates out from it and "engages with the human through the structure of the DNA."

Then, the energy channeling through me (my spirit guides) shifted and Melchizedek took the wheel. I was instructed to share the soul energy with my three friends, after which we'd consider how it's used and why it's coming through now.

Tina commented she saw a lot of pink during the very, very brief process. It may have been one minute per person. Seriously. One minute.

During the sharing - basically an initiation - I needed to keep one hand on the person just completed while placing my other hand on the next person. Once connected with the next person, I could release from the person before them.

The hand placements were at the head. Specifically, they involved the occipital ridge and third eye. There's a possibility of connection with the crown chakra if the initiant needs an additional "push."

Simplicity and the Remembering Time

Immediately after completing the initiations, the next channeled message came through in a massive rush.

And perhaps you would understand that the simplicity of the soul energy comes from the fact that we are dealing with the soul, which everyone has. It is not as though we are bringing in a new energy which people are unfamiliar with. It is that we are bringing in an energy already existing to them and we wish for them to feel this energy and to permit it to engage with their entire physiological, energetic, celestial system.

Then, I heard the phrase "remembering time," and I asked if that was why this - the soul energy coming through - was happening now. The response:

And perhaps you would understand that we have been in the remembering time for some time, and yet now we reach this crucial point when the remembering must be accelerated. And with the acceleration comes soul energy. With soul energy comes wisdom, understanding, peace, desire to create harmony. When the soul energy becomes more fully engaged, there will be understanding which will overcome ego and war.

At that point, I was shown that the soul energy "commits" itself at Earth's core, making it available to all parts of Earth at the same time. It isn't as though it needs to travel the circumference of Earth. Instead, it "poises itself as the Earth's core energy that it may be distributed equally and with ease to all people at the same time." The vision that was shown to me was much like a golden starburst, emanating out from Earth's core. Glorious.

Then perhaps also you could understand that we are approaching in another week the 1111 portal. And it is through this portal that there will be a call for more soul energy.

And that's why the 1111 portal was threaded with gold. The gold represented the inclusion of soul energy. Fascinating.

Committing the Soul Energy

It came to light, through our continued discussion and thoughtful questions from my three comrades, that soul energy can be "committed" at a distance. So, initiations may be conducted over the phone, for example, and via Skype or Facetime, etc. The only condition, as you might call it, is that both hands need to be free. That just means using a headset or lavalier microphone, or being on speaker phone, which is easy enough.

We also asked about "the bridge," as I termed it, that seemed  important as I committed soul energy from one person to the next.

We notice that in this way you are beginning by creating a function of the soul energy. And so, when you move to the next person you bring the soul energy with you and continue.

I commented that it felt like that method honored the fact that we are all connected. We are all one.

Next came this message:

Then, of course, there will be a wondering that the energy will produce, perhaps, some awakening of intuitive abilities which have been slumbering within some people.

I commented that my experience shows me a similar response can occur following a Reiki initiation. That's what happened to me. I asked if it would be important to mention that probability to people ahead of initiation. The impression was "yes."

So, there's our introduction to soul energy, which is another healing energy and yet one that may surpass Reiki or Healing Touch in terms of its capabilities.

The function of soul energy is ultimately the healing of the entirety of Earth.

Yes. I feel that and I love that.

The one topic we didn't touch upon in our meeting was conducting soul energy in a healing session. That's something I'll delve into, and share as appropriate - which may mean sharing it within an initiation. We shall see. More to come.

Any questions? Please ask.

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