Skinny Dreams

I had a provocative dream last Friday night, and in it, I was skinny - healthy skinny; fit.

In the dream, I didn't give a thought to my healthy weight, or wonder at what I was able to do with my fit body; I took it as a matter of course, if not for granted.

In retrospect, when I put myself back into the dream, and remember how it felt to be in that fit body, I could cry.

Stock photo.  Used with permission.
  • In that fit body, I was able to run, fast and hard.
  • In that fit body, I was able to keep up, and to achieve.
  • In that fit body, I had no compunction about slipping into bed with a man.
  • In that fit body, I didn't feel the need (apparently) to cover hide my naked body.

While I have no specific plans for my fit body-to-be, when the time comes, aside from pursuing my goal to become a Weight Watchers leader, the abilities and ease I had in that dream have me daydreaming... envisioning... and maybe salivating, just a little.

Do you have skinny dreams?  KFBGKTPU7JSH

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