Simple Living Equals Simply Living

No sooner had I finished my "Postponed" post, and started to catch up on today's posts by other bloggers, when I read about this on I'm So Vintage:

I read about it, I loved it (which was easy enough, because I started on this path a couple years ago), several of my intentions involve simplifying, and I've pledged to it.

What does it entail?  It's simple:  living simply.  Here is how Kanelstrand:  Simple Living for Human Beings describes it:

What is Simple Living?
  • Identifying what is most important for you and eliminating everything else.
  • Freeing up time for doing what inspires you and being with the people you love.
  • Decluttering your mind, your everyday life and your virtual life.
  • Single-tasking and learning to diminish stress.
  • Striving to live frugally by wanting less and buying only what is necessary. 
  • Slowing down and being actively present in the moment.
  • Living a healthy life, including cleaning your home and your body, eating, exercising and thinking.
  • Striving to be green and sustainable as much as your surroundings allow.
  • Enjoying the simple pleasures of life.
  • Simplifying your goals, tasks and expectations.

Does this appeal to you, or, perhaps, already align with how you're living?  Consider taking the pledge, and making a public commitment, and sharing what you're doing with others who might be wanting to make positive, simple changes in their lives.

Love and light,

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