Shine Your Brightest Light

I have two taglines for my healing business. The first is,

Be curious. Anything's possible.

The second is,

Empowering you to shine your brightest light.

They aren't fluff. They're statements that are actually life contexts, and they hold deep meaning for me, even as I place them in service to you.

Shine your brightest light | A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #shine #thesoulways

♥ For me to ask that you be curious, and believe anything's possible, I need to be curious and believe anything's possible.
♥ For me to say that I'll empower you to shine your brightest light, I need to empower myself to shine my brightest light.

With that in mind, I thought it was time to give you an overview of what I've done, and what I'm doing, to fulfill those contexts.

Be curious. Anything's possible.

Earning a degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is one way I'm being curious, and it's exemplified, over and over, that anything truly is possible.

My areas of study so far include holistic nutrition, life coaching, aromatherapy, hypnosis, Toe Reading (which will be the feature of My Healing Basket next week), and public speaking/writing for publication. It's life coaching that reminds me of the high importance of curiosity.

♥ When we're curious, we don't cast judgment.
♥ When we're curious, we don't make assumptions.
♥ When we're curious, we aren't tied to expectations.
♥ When we're curious, we ask questions until we get to the core truth.

For a certified life coach (which I am), curiosity isn't just important, it's imperative.

That curiosity was challenged big-time with Toe Reading, and I'll share next week why I'm deeply grateful that I held on to it.

It's holistic nutrition, aromatherapy, hypnosis, and public speaking/writing for publication, and life coaching, too, that remind me that anything's possible.

♥ Near-miraculous healing can be achieved by changing one's diet.
♥ The aroma of various essential oils can promote remarkable results.
♥ The benefits of hypnosis can be staggering in their scope of awesomeness.
♥ The effects of life coaching can be far-reaching.
♥ The results of public speaking and writing for publication aren't in, and yet the doors of possibility are swinging wide.

For a healer (which I am) who harnesses the power of essential oils, and who's a certified Reiki master and holistic nutrition coach, and who's a toe reader and hypnotist, acknowledging, and holding space for the fact, that anything's possible means that I view the potential for healing as limitless.

And in that acknowledgment and space, I remain curious and invite my clients to do the same so that they don't place limits on their own healing potential.

Empowering you to shine your brightest light.

It's easier to shine my light now that I understand and accept that no one else but me is responsible for its brightness.

I no longer need to wait for others' approval to amp up my wattage. I do that all on my own.

It's hugely empowering, and yet...

It's harder to shine my light now that I understand and accept that no one else but me is responsible for its brightness. I have no one but myself to hold accountable for its impact.

It's easy to perceive that responsibility as overwhelming, and yet...I find that the brighter I shine, the brighter I need to, and the more I'm called to, shine.

♥ It's for that reason that my spiritual awakening and exploration increases in depth and velocity.
♥ It's for that reason that the seeking and learning of healing skills and services to offer you continues unabated.
♥ It's for that reason that I look to expanding my voice beyond this site, and its social peripherals, to larger outlets with vast audiences.
♥ It's for that reason that I'm adapting existing programs and creating new ones that will empower you to shine your brightest light.

My mission during this lifetime is vast. Its full scope is still being revealed to me, day by day, layer by layer. It's a mission that's encompassed by this:

Be curious. Anything's possible. Shine your brightest light.

Over to You

Are you curious? Is it possible that you set limits - however inadvertently - on your healing potential?

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