Sharing Our Spiritual Nature: Owning Our Spiritual Nature

Sharing our spiritual nature is the next step toward fully owning our spiritual nature. After...

  1. exiting the spiritual closet,
  2. experimenting with spiritual pursuits,
  3. getting clear on our own position,
  4. better understanding our spiritual awakening,
  5. surrendering to spiritual activations
  6. and starting the process of tending our wounds,

...the time for spreading our wings in a more public way arrives. We may find this unnerving, and yet if we wish to be of service, we must venture further abroad.

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Sharing our spiritual nature... the next natural step of our spiritual evolution. Of course, natural may not equal easy or comfortable. Natural, in this instance, may not feel "safe."

And that's okay. In its way, this next step may feel like an initiation. And initiations rarely feel safe. Rather, they more likely feel daring and exciting - maybe even a little scary. This initiation generally falls into the daring and exciting (and a little scary) category.

Why is that?

Probably because it requires that we put ourselves "out there" in front of new-to-us eyeballs and, therefore, scrutiny. And probably because it exposes our hearts that much more. We find ourselves seen in unfamiliar ways. And we may find ourselves thrust into the position of someone strangers look to for guidance.

That sort of attention may give us a case of unwanted and unexpected responsibility. After all, who really wants the responsibility of fulfilling others' expectations? And opening our hearts more... Well, that makes it more likely someone may hurt us.

And yet, in spite of the "burden" of responsibility and the potential for heartache, in order to be of service, we must make the leap. We must take the risk.

Stretching our reach

It's through stretching our reach that we share our spiritual nature beyond our sacred circle; beyond our trusted friends and family. We may begin with sharing...

  • our growing knowledge about astrology, or
  • our daily personal Tarot or oracle draw and insights, or
  • the latest spell we cast, or
  • our most recent channeled (and Reiki-charged) painting, or
  • the current crystal grid we activated, or (deep breath)
  • our availability for free or paid readings or sessions a very public way.

And why?

Because it's time. And because someone "out there" needs our shared offering; needs our service; needs our energy and heart.

So, we share our spiritual nature, even if it feels as though we're standing naked in front of a packed house at Madison Square Garden. We share because we must if we wish to evolve in service, if our calling includes that. And we share because our heart knows it's time and we're ready.

:: How will you share your spiritual nature? Make a commitment to yourself and follow through.

Blessed be.

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