"You look fat.""You're stupid.""You can't do anything right.""Why did you say that? Now, he'll never like you.""You suck."If those are statements you wouldn't make to another person, why would you make them to yourself?As much as emotional abuse from another person damages the mind, so does emotional abuse from yourself. And, yes, that's what it is. There's no exaggeration here.It's emotional abuse.Would you willfully abuse another person in that way? If yes, please go here. If no, read on.How would it be if you spoke to yourself this way?

    • Good: "You look beautiful." Better: "I look beautiful."
    • Good: "You're so smart." Better: "I'm so smart."
    • Good: "You're awesome." Better: "I'm awesome."
    • Good: "You do everything the best you know how." Better: "I do everything the best I know how."
    • Good: "You said what is true for you." Better: "I say what is true for me."
    • Good: "You are loved." Better: "I love you."

Self-talk can make you or break you. It's a simple concept, but it can be one of the hardest to implement. It's one, once put into place, that can make life magical.

Today's task: Mind what you say to yourself. Delete old, negative recordings and replace them with new, positive affirmations. Repeat them, often. Speak well to and of yourself.

How is your self-talk?