Yesterday, after work and grocery shopping, I got a badly needed haircut.  I get some horrified reactions when  I tell people I get my hair cut at a barber shop.  After all, barber shops are meant for men, right?  Well, this barber shop is owned by a woman named Pam who used to own a salon (which I used to patronize), then changed gears after getting her barbering license.  While her clients are predominantly men, she does allow former women clients (hooray for me being in that group) to schedule cuts with her.

Pam gives me the best haircuts.  She knows my hair, she knows what I'm willing to do styling-wise, and she also knows she can push me a bit to try funkier cuts, like the one she gave me waaay back in May of 2007:

Look at me in hot pink!  This is my sister's favorite cut I've sported.  By the way, my sister is a hair stylist, too, but she lives in Florida, which makes having her do my hair unrealistic.  The coolest thing about this picture is that I'm about the same size now, after doing Weight Watchers for the past 8 months, as I was then.

Then there was the haircut she gave me in late December 2011:

Similar, but different.  Much more spiky, and even shorter all over than the one above.  I took this picture in remarkably horrible lighting.  Oops.  No more under-eye liner for me; it accentuates my permanent shadows, which are one of the few curses of my pale, Irish-English-Scottish skin.

Finally there is yesterday's haircut:

With Pam's entirely unsubtle nudge, and a heaping helping of her color know-how, I'm going to recolor my hair a more vibrant red.  My goal is to get it reasonably close to the color in the 2007 photograph.

I'm not aiming to replicate the color because I'm trying to turn back time, but because my self-perspective is changing as my weight is changing.  With every pound I lose, there is a buoyancy blossoming deep within me, and I want my exterior to reflect that.

I also need to reintroduce that stellar pink into my wardrobe.  It's been lacking for far too long.  That and a red lipstick (if you didn't read Bella's red lipstick post, you must do so now).

What is your current self-perspective?

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