Seeing With Your Third Eye

Seeing With Your Third Eye is updated from a post titled Visions: Seeing With the Third Eye, originally written November 10, 2014.

Yet another thing about the work I do that never ceases to amaze me (and , please, may it ever be so) are the visions revealed through seeing with my third eye.

To be clear, the third eye is the chakra located just above the eyebrows, in the center of the forehead.

Seeing With Your Third Eye

Third-eye visions most typically appear as either

  1. holograms superimposed over earthly matter - such as when I conduct mediumship sessions - or
  2. slideshows or movies behind my closed lids - such as when I conduct an energy investigation and clearing, or energy healing, and also when I conduct mediumship sessions.

Those things that appear through the third-eye lens are more vibrant, more detailed, and more meaningful than what is seen with human eyes.

And that isn't necessarily because they're in HD quality and Technicolor. It's because they appear in their essential form, complete with their energetic markers and information.

Third-eye visions are multi-dimensional. That's why so much information and feeling and sensation can be gleaned from them.

I've come to understand that they're what's real, as opposed to physical visions. They're representations of what truly is, past our human illusion.

Visions: Seeing with the Third Eye ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive

Vision By Permission

The further I travel on this experiential spiritual path, and the deeper I delve into my own healing journey, the more I'm permitted  - yes, permitted - to see.

Seeing with the third eye is by permission from Spirit, and it's composed of equal parts readiness and grace.

The readiness has to do with our human capacity to observe and reflect upon the visions without freaking out.

The grace has to do with our human capacity to observe and reflect upon the visions without getting power-trippy. What I mean is, without going to that place of, "I'm special because I can see this and you can't."

We all have the capacity for third-eye vision; every one of us.

When we're ready (by Spirit's standards, not human standards) and in that space of grace, the visions will come.

MRI Vision

One of the ways seeing with your third eye manifests in through what I call "MRI vision."

That's not to say that I see actual bone and intestines. What I do see is energetic representations - a snapshot - of them, and what stands out are those things that are harboring some level of dis-ease.

I can also see what's happening in a person's energy field; their aura.

That's where I'm shown the energetic imprints of what a person may be holding on to that's creating discord (or dis-ease). It's where etheric cords - healthy and unhealthy - are seen. And it's also where the remains of past lives that are affecting present lives reside.

Usage of MRI vision requires a second level of permission: the human level.

I don't walk through my day scanning people's insides and energy fields. That would be unethical as well as TMI.

Sometimes it does happen that I'll be made privy to someone's internal dis-ease or past-life issue without their permission.

When that happens, it's Spirit's way of saying, "You're meant to help this person. Here's what you need to see."

One of the many cool aspects of MRI vision is that I don't need to see the actual person. I don't even need to know them.

It's happened that I'll scroll through a social media newsfeed or a blog comment section, and a name pops out at me, followed by an energetic snapshot of what's going on for them. It's usually followed by information about the snapshot, followed by more information about a possible remedy (a subject for another post).

That can be tricky (Understatement alert!) since there's an apparent need to approach the person with a message that might (just might) seem a little "out there."

It's all in the approach; very careful wording drenched with a whole lot of compassion. And grace.

What's Your Truth?

Are you seeing with your third eye and/or growing your third-eye vision? Do you want to?

If you want support to grow your clairvoyance, you can book a session with me.

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