Seeing Through Your Third Eye

Recently, there have been two very specific search terms on my site related to seeing through your third eye. I'll address those two search terms. And yet, even though I've done so in the past, it seems wise to also discuss seeing through your third eye in a general way.

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Seeing through your third eye

This intuitive ability is known as clairvoyance - clear seeing. Seeing through your third eye, a.k.a. your soul eye, can be very much like seeing through your human eyes. It can also be very much unlike seeing through your human eyes.

More times than not, when I see images, etc., through my third eye, they appear just as though seeing them with my human eyes. They'll be in color and clarity so there's no mistaking what I'm seeing.

Sometimes the experience is similar to a slideshow. (Remember slideshows? They're last century's PowerPoint presentations.) Sometimes it's more of a flashcard experience. Other times, it's a short video clip.

Then there are the times when what I see is nothing like what I've seen with my human eyes. These images and videos are all color and light and shadow. It's less likely I'll see actual form, unless it's an entity of some sort. It's more likely I'll see pools of color in motion, interspersed with flashes of light, dark shadows that sometimes resemble black holes, etc.

What's the difference?

The difference is up to interpretation by the seer. And yet, generally speaking, the difference is between the human and the spiritual or celestial. Seeing human things - object, places, people - is related to human matters. Seeing pools of color in motion, etc., is related to spiritual or celestial matters.

I tend to see human things in intuitive sessions, or any time I receive visual guidance or insight.

For example: The other night, a question came up about a property on my road. This was just a regular conversation, not a session. There was no information about the street number or location of the property other than it being on my road.

The question posed, based on a single line of text mentioning a 38-acre property in a town report was, "Do you know what house this is?" An image of the house that sits on the property in question appeared in my third eye, and I was able to describe it.

I tend to see spiritual/cosmic things in meditation, or when I'm receiving energy healing and massage.

Sometimes, I wonder if I'm meditating "the right way," because I'm always so curious about what I'll see during meditation. I know I can rely on seeing a flood of violet color, which morphs into a sort of lava-lamp show. That's something I associate with connection to my higher self; my soul/spirit/source energy. Anything else I may see is totally unexpected and always visually stunning.

Interpreting these sorts of not-of-this-world visions is personal. My interpretation of what I see - because it isn't just what's seen, it's also what's felt - will be different from anyone else. A color may elicit a certain strong emotion in me, and a completely different emotion in you. That makes for a personal interpretation. Make sense?

The only time there might be synchronized interpretation is during a chakra meditation, for example. We know that in reference to the chakra system, green (and pink) is associated with the heart chakra, golden yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra, etc.

If you have any questions related to this topic, please feel free to leave them in the comment section after this post.

Now, about those search terms...

Addressing the search terms

The two search terms I'm addressing here came up within a week of each other. The first one really caught my attention, because it's so different. The second one brings us several possible interpretations.

"Third eye seeing people in Raton, NM"

This was the first I'd hear of Raton, NM. I looked it up on Google Maps, because the first thought (not insight) that popped into my head was related to UFOs. (There's a lot of empty space around it. Hmm...) I'm sure that's because I relate New Mexico (and Nevada, and Wyoming because of Close Encounters of the Third Kind), with UFO sightings and experiences. Anywho...

My interpretation of this search term is, the person found themselves visualizing people who live in Raton, NM through their third eye. It appears it wasn't intentional, which for me would set off an internal alarm bell. In my experience, we don't have visions appear in our third eye out of the blue for no purpose. There's always a purpose at that spiritual level.

If I received that vision, first I'd do a quick intuitive check-in: "Are they okay?" With an intuitive "yes," I'd open myself to simple curiosity about the possible purpose of seeing the people in question in that specific place. I'd wonder what I need to know about my association with the people and place. With an intuitive "no," I'd call or text them immediately.

In this instance, it could be that the person receiving the vision was being nudged to "open the lines of communication," so to speak. It could be they just needed to reach out to them, to say "hi" and catch up. And it could also be that a deeper purpose was at stake.

This sort of unbidden vision requires intuitive discernment and excavation, and most likely practical action, too.

"Seeing red through your third eye"

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear or see the term, "seeing red"? If you're like me, you go right to anger... or "fury," as I just heard.

When you string that with "through your third eye," an entirely different interpretation arises. Red is related to the root chakra, which is generally recognized as being a vibrant ruby red color (when healthy).

There's a possible third interpretation related to medical intuitive work. When I see the color red associated with a body scan, it indicates the need for a full stop, because that area needs immediate attention.

A fourth and related interpretation could be a call to a full stop in terms of what the person was doing or thinking at the time.

So, was this person seeing red through their third eye because of "an anger issue," or because they need to focus on their root chakra, or maybe because they were being urged to a full stop at some level? I'm told it's related to anger, whether their own or someone they're relating with. And I'm told it's also related to the need for a full stop in the way they're thinking and behaving.

Of course, those two insights are most definitely walking hand in hand. So, there's probably some shadow work necessary here, and it's an ideal time to do it as we're in Mercury retrograde right now.

Wrapping it up

I hope this more-lengthy-than-expected post helps to clarify seeing through your third eye. And I also hope it encourages you to consider other interpretations for what you see, as that can help deepen and strengthen your intuition.

And as I said above, please feel free to leave any related questions in the comment section. Blessed be.

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