Second Sight: Seeing Beyond Reason

To be clear, I'm coming to consider metaphysical second sight as a more real way of seeing life than physical first sight. That said...

First sight is the ability to see that which is constructed of molecules.

Anything that can be viewed on the physical plane, with the physical eye, is viewed with first sight.Several months ago, during an otherwise "normal" Reiki session, I moved my hands to my client's abdomen, just above her navel. I stood in the quiet space, observing the even rise and fall of her breath.Within a minute of placing my hands in that position, I watched a young man, in what I estimate to be an early twentieth century Army uniform, sit up from a prone position and step out of my client's torso. As quickly as he appeared, he was gone.

Second sight is the ability to see everything else.

It was only my second experience seeing something from the non-physical plane with my wide-open physical eyes. Well, that I'm aware of.Second Sight: Seeing Beyond Reason ~ First sight is the ability to see that which is constructed of molecules. Second sight is the ability to see everything else.In that instance, what I witnessed was the release of past-life energy held in the sacral area. It was the area where the soldier - no more than 18 or 19 years of age if I had to guess - was mortally wounded in World War I.I use second sight during energy healing to observe the body's energy fields and to locate areas of the body that may need attention, and during chakra balancing to view the vibrancy of each chakra.I also use second sight during energy investigation and clearing, which I perform remotely and without knowledge of a property's specific geographic location.In that capacity, I use it to locate energy clusters in homes and on properties, to determine if spirits "haunt" premises and to discover if there are burial grounds on site - whether they're marked or not - among other energetic concerns.

The more I perform these services, the more I "see."

With energy healing, I can now identify cords attached to other souls, and, bringing in the Shamanic aspect, I can identify vectors and past-life artifacts in the energy field.With energy investigation and clearing, I've developed to a point that I can identify flooring materials, architectural aspects of buildings, and more.Second sight also enables me to see spirits who come to visit. At least, some of them.A couple of nights ago, when I closed my eyes to rest them, a woman I knew in life appeared to me. She showed me a pan of lasagna and a strand of pearls, and then I received verbal cues so I'd know to whom to communicate her visual message.Seeing "the dead" is something I have held fear around for a long time. I find, however, that the more I develop all of my healing abilities, the less fear I have.I attribute that to taking charge of the development, learning from it, and growing with it.I confess that I also attribute it to the fact that "the dead" don't appear as some mutilated and/or decaying physical replication of themselves. They look like vital living humans. (Thank goodness!)It's a somewhat surreal, somewhat unsettling, somewhat exciting, endlessly fascinating experience to see life in such a manner. And the more I see, the more grateful I am.First sight or second sight: What's your preference?

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