Saddle Up for the Year of the Horse

Have you noticed a deeper drive to clean up and clear out? To...

  • assess assets?
  • review relationships?
  • trash treasures?

You're not alone.In fact, over the past several days I've been compelled to "hoe out" my meager belongings even more, and to clean and clear my living space. I've seen - and read of - other people doing the same thing.While there may be some head scratching going on over this most odd strain of flu flow, as people are wondering what the heck is driving them, with such urgency, to get things done - stat! - there's a simple explanation:

The Year of the Snake is slithering away, shedding the last remnants of its skin as it goes. In its place, the Year of the Horse is galloping into view, all thundering hooves and flying mane and tail.

 January 31, 2014, marks the Chinese New Year: the Year of the Horse. Its invigorating energy is already being felt by many; myself included.

What Does it Mean for You?

For all of us, it means that we're coming to the end of our season of shedding what no longer serves us, and entering a new season of get-up-and-go and get-ALL-the-things-done.It means that you may notice a stronger-than-usual drive to accomplish tasks; grow businesses; write books; check items off your bucket list.The energy - the flow and movement - of this year will be ripe with opportunity for getting where you want to go in your life, faster. Giddyup!

Tell Me, If You Please

Have you noticed a strong desire to "shed your skin" recently? What is it you want to accomplish during the opportunistic Year of the Horse?

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