Riding the Reiki Wave

Yesterday I was privileged to offer back-to-back, Reiki sessions to three deeply spiritual women.Spirituality notwithstanding (Reiki is not associated with any religion or spiritual practice), I have offered Reiki to these women before, and their openness - the openness of any given client - can make way for results that fall into the "more than meets the eye" category.

With clients like them, riding the Reiki wave can be quite a trip.

All may not be quiet when we're riding the Reiki wave.Reiki is an innately quiet and peaceful healing modality. I place my hands on my client and bask in the gentle stillness of Reiki's properties...Except it isn't always a quiet experience for me. Oftentimes, as I ride the Reiki wave, I see or hear words and snippets of songs, and I see flashes of images of all sorts.Yesterday's sessions - all three - were filled with words and images. The stream was almost constant and, at times, repetitive. A couple words that came to mind were brand new to me.Here's a sampling of what I "received":♦ altruistic (have heard the word, but had to look up the definition)♦ celiac (when I placed my hands on one client's stomach; she's going to get tested)♦ diatribe (another one I've heard but had to define)♦ euphonious (new to me)♦ pentatonic (new to me)♦ this song (you're welcome)♦ the strong image of a Native American man in traditional dress♦ the image of a small cabin at the base of a yellow mountain (China has Yellow Mountain, I since learned, and yet I don't see a correlation - unless it's past life)♦ the image of a woodland riverWhat was ironic about the flow of words and imagery, was this post by Pamela Miles, which I read yesterday.It was ironic because she talks about the silent simplicity that is Reiki, with which I heartily agree. And yet, yesterday happened, and it's more usual than unusual from my personal experience as a practitioner.Do you have any notion of the significance of a yellow mountain? Inquiring minds...

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