Returning to Retrograde

Here we are again, entering the hallowed halls of another Mercury retrograde.This is our fourth (and final, for obvious reasons) Mercury retrograde of 2016, and this one is a bit different than those we've experienced this year.This retrograde is extraordinarily kind, and even gentle, in its approach.Returning to Retrograde: What's different about this final Mercury retrograde of 2016.

Why is that?

"We notice with the retrograde comes the Solstice, and with the Solstice comes the Winter. We notice the Winter comes to the North and we notice the Summer comes to the South, and yet we notice it is the North which receives the gentle nature of the retrograde."The retrograde once again responds with energy of approval to the actions of reflection, repentance, reform, retreat, revitalize, restore. The retrograde also responds with the energy of approval to the actions of remembrance and re-energize."We wish for you to note how may wish to structure the days during the retrograde in a way which will allow for the actions we have set forth here."

Wow. Repentance? That's something I'll be reflecting on, for sure. It caught me by surprise.Yes. This retrograde feels different; more forgiving. It feels as though we may be blessed with a lack of that quality of being forcibly held back.It feels as though we'll be inclined to settle into the flow of it and work with it and let it work with us, perhaps most important of all.

Powerful Change

The other quality that pervades the energy of this retrograde is that of change. While Mercury retrograde, traditionally speaking, is not an opportune to make sweeping changes in any aspect of our lives, this retrograde is definitely feeling up to that level of change.And, as we consider the actions offered up as in "approval" with this retrograde, we may get a clue as to why that's possible - and maybe even probable.There's a great movement beneath the gentle cloak of this retrograde, and it's one that might offer us a whole bunch of challenges were it not for the presence of the retrograde.How's that for a perspective?On the 8th of January, when Mercury moves direct, we won't be the same people we are today. Perhaps we can permit ourselves to work with retrograde and find out what's in store for us on the other side of it.Whatever lies ahead, its energy and appearance is bright.And so it is. Blessings.

Winter Energy, Winter Wonder

Guidance for the Week of December 19, 2016