Once upon a time, "back in the day," Sunday was deemed a day of rest. It was God's day; the Sabbath.From that religious standpoint, based on the Book of Genesis' account of creation, "And on the seventh day God finished his work... and he rested..."These days, it's more than likely Sunday is the day we're going to do your housekeeping, get our clothes ready for the work week ahead, plan out our meals, and go grocery shopping for those meals.After all that, maybe - just maybe - we'll squeeze in time to settle into our couch or hammock with a book, or put our feet in soil or water, or simply be.Maybe - just maybe - we'll allow ourselves a little down time, and rest.Rest is vital to a wealthy life.When did every day become frenetic?When did every day become task- and goal-filled?When did rest become one of those four-letter words?

Think of our bodies as smartphones.

All day long, they're running social apps, exercise apps, task and work-related apps, and the all-important reminder apps.At the end of the day - and sometimes before - the smartphones need to be recharged, or their battery will be empty the phone will be useless.Like our smartphones, we require recharging; time - separate from bedtime - to rest our bodies and minds.Tell me: When and how do you rest?


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