Responsibility in Reiki

One of the lessons gently hammered home to me by my Reiki instructors is,

Reiki is a complementary healing modality. It is not meant to replace medical practices or medicines.

I hold firm in my agreement and alignment with that lesson.Case and point: The integration of Reiki into hospitals as a complement to the medical practices used to heal patients.Is it recognized that Reiki promotes relaxation, pain relief, stress relief and a general sense of well-being that helps to make great strides in the healing process? Absolutely!Is Reiki's benefits becoming so accepted that at least one hospital in the United States has begun offering on-site classes to their staff? Yes!It is not, however, meant to take the place of that with which it works so beautifully.As a professional Reiki practitioner who wishes to see Reiki practice flourish in the light rather than hide in the shadows, I must remember to Reiki responsibly.As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I am well aware of the responsibility I bear when it comes to both practicing and teaching Reiki.It is not for me to suggest a client remove him/herself from prescribed medication or physical therapy in lieu of Reiki.And it is not for me to suggest to my students that they have the authority to do so with their clients - or themselves.I greatly appreciate the freedom that comes with being a practitioner and teacher of this truly remarkable healing modality.I have seen something akin to miracles happen with clients during the process of one or more Reiki sessions.I hold a goodly amount of reverence for what I perceive as the limitless ability Reiki possesses.None of that, however, gives me the right to provide any form of advice which might lead a person to turn away from their doctor's advice or give up their prescriptions or shun Western medicine entirely.It isn't my place. It could cause great harm to my clients and my students' clients.As a professional Reiki practitioner who wishes to see Reiki practice flourish in the light rather than hide in the shadows, I must remember to...

Reiki responsibly.

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