Resolve to Evolve

This is a recovered post from a botched website transfer in 2014. This post was originally written and published on 03/11/2013.

Way too late Saturday night, I was thinking about the evolution of my digital life: websites, Facebook, and Twitter.In our modern society, our online presence can be another indicator of how we evolve - or don't (keeping in mind it isn't one-size-fits-all). Check it out:


    • Healing Through Reiki -> Courses of Healing -> The Reiki Life
    • servicesrendered -> servicesbyellen (all gone)


    • Profile: Friends Only -> Everyone -> Everyone/Friends Only -> Friends Only
    • Page: Healing Through Reiki -> Courses of Healing -> The Reiki Life ->Healing with Ellen
    • Page: Services Rendered -> Ellen M. Gregg, Author


    • @ellenmgregg -> @HotCoco65 -> @TheHealthyHealer -> @ellenmgregg_nh

When I typed out the above so I wouldn't forget it, I felt a little embarrassed by what I perceived as an inability to "bloom where you're planted."I was bothered enough that I launched into some self-chastising, because that's always helpful:

    • "Why can't you stick with one thing?"
    • "Why do you have to change so much?"
    • "Why can't you be satisfied with the way things are?"

Really, Ellen? Helpful? Not so much. Not at all. (Yes, there may have been some sarcasm in "because that's always helpful."Yesterday afternoon I had lunch with my Ya-Yas. Wouldn't you know it, one of the topics of conversation was about what I like to call tail-chasing: doing the same thing over and over.Whether the results are good or bad - whether the tail is caught (yay! I win! now, let's do it again!) or not (keep chasing! I'll get it this time! next time! one of these times!) - you're not really getting anywhere.There's some comfort in tail-chasing. It's safe. It's familiar. It's fun. (honest!)Thing is, tail-chasing doesn't get you anywhere, and it can tire you out and distract you from moving forward.

You don't evolve when you revolve.

The discussion inspired me to think about my personal evolution. It seemed fitting, since yesterday marked my first official day of being in menopause. (Hooray!)Wisdom is the crown of a Crone.


    • maiden -> woman/mother -> crone (woman+)

Females who lives an extended number of years will evolve in a similar physical fashion by virtue of the aging process. Our individual experience, however, may be vastly different by virtue of the way in which we evolve - or don't.For the woman who embraces the evolution of their womanhood, there are great truths to be learned and shared; great wisdom to be gained and shared.In point of fact: Wisdom is the crown of the crone.

Resolve to Evolve

Resolving to evolve - to embrace change, to pursue personal growth - enables us to own and reap the rewards that come with being a crone. Then it's up to us to accept those rewards and put them into practice, and continue to evolve.I won't be chastising myself anymore for my digital evolution. It's symbolic - more, it's illustrative - of my personal evolution.There is so much more I want to do, chasing my tail is not an option.Are you a tail-chaser? Do you revolve, or do your prefer to evolve?

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