Receiving Channeled Messages

Receiving Channeled Messages | Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive, Healer :: The Soul Wyas

“3 December, 2017
"Letter to mother from mother:
"When you are in surgery, you will see your father and me. We will stay with you and all be well. There are more donuts to make.”

That’s a channeled message from my maternal grandmother to my mother. There are two points to make here:

  1. I channeled that message during an episode of Hollywood Medium. I’ve noticed when watching it, Long Island Medium and The Healer that I’m prone to receive theme-appropriate messages, impressions, images, etc. I tend to keep a notepad nearby for that very reason. Important: It only happens when I’m fully present to what I’m watching. If I’m multitasking, there’s no space for a message to come through.
  2. Tomorrow, my mom is having a heart procedure that could result in either stints being placed or bypass being required. My grandmother’s message for Mom was intended to comfort, which I’m grateful for. Her wording, though, would seem to indicate the more severe result is in play.

Here’s the thing, though: It’s my observation that sometimes the wording that comes through from the spirit realms can be literal to the point of choosing words that are umbrella-like; they cover more than one meaning within a framework.

I thought that might be a helpful perspective for others who channel. It might be that clarifying questions will offer additional insight.

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