Reasoning with Retrograde

Today, we enter Mercury retrograde; something that happens several times each year. The coincidence of this retrograde opening on the Christian Palm Sunday celebration is no coincidence at all.Important truth: There's no such thing as coincidence.The energy of Palm Sunday is one of remembrance. Through it, we remember the life of Jesus the Christ; a man who "took the world by storm," even though most of the storm occurred after his passing.Palm Sunday is also resonant with an "acquisition of faith."Or, perhaps that's better stated as a "reacquisition of faith." The addition of the "re" is very, very Mercury retrograde.Reasoning with Retrograde ~ Working with the energy of Mercury Retrograde for a very specific purpose.

A Reacquisition of Faith

The faith that's referenced here is a spiritual faith, not a religious faith. Yes, I do believe there's a vast difference between the two.Religious faith supports the beliefs and dogma of a person or group of people who wish to exert some sort of "soul control" over their followers. Think, "My way or the highway," or perhaps more to the point, "My way takes you to Heaven. Any other way takes you to Hell."Here's where I tell you I definitely don't believe in Hell as a place misbehaved souls go to upon leaving the human body. I also no longer believe there's a specific place known as Heaven that well-behaved souls go to upon leaving the human body. Those teachings no longer fit my understanding of what the soul is and what happens to it when it releases a human incarnation.As I was saying... ;-)Spiritual faith is what's offered up for reacquisition here, in the sense that our souls are of spiritual origin in line with angels and ascended masters and the like.We're all a form of and a part of the same spark of light; spark of creation.Powering ourselves through that understanding and acceptance can change everything for us here in our human forms on Earth.

Preparing for Reacquisition

Wonderfully, Mercury Retrograde provides us with an ideal framework through which to employ ourselves to the task of reacquiring our faith in our own innate divinity.Why reacquiring over acquiring? Because we've already known our divinity through other incarnations, whether in human form or otherwise.Now, in this current incarnation, we're called to reacquire that knowing as part of our realignment with our soul and the work it's meant to do in this lifetime.We're called to remember the power of our souls and the "splendor" they can provide us with here in the human realm.This is perfectly powerful timing for this call to action, as it doesn't represent a new undertaking. (Mercury retrograde doesn't jive with new undertakings.)Instead, it represents a renewed attention to something we've perhaps forgotten. It also represents a reinstituting of ways of being that have been largely lost to the human being. And...It also represents a reacclimation with our inner senses - our intuitive or clair senses - and the energy that comes with them.

Activating Reacquisition

The reacquisition of faith will be activated when the human chooses soul over ego; all that is over the single human powering himself or herself.The energy of the reacquisition puts upon the human questions about all they feel that is right or wrong; good or bad; true or false; visible or invisible.The energy of the reacquisition is reassessment, which increases the possibility of reenergizing and realigning.To activate reacquisition of faith, remember that your soul works within you at this present time and wishes to be allowed to reassure the ego of its love and its powerful potential.

And so it is.Mercury retrograde concludes May 3. Its effects can linger for many days.

Daily Divination: 10 April, 2017

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