Reading Energy Fields and Energy Bodies

Reading energy fields and energy bodies is something I do as a matter of course in a personal energy alignment session. Sometimes it's called for in an intuitive session, too. The process always involves clairvoyance, and sometimes involves clairaudience, clairsentience and other clair senses.

When the inspiration for this post arrived via spirit messenger, I heard the term "the mainframe." The mainframe, I'm understanding, is the energy of the physical and energy bodies, plus the chakra system. Those three - the mainframe - then inform the energy field or aura.

It's important to bear in mind that the energy body, chakra system and energy field initiate from the soul.

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The Energy Body

As I've come to accept it, the energy body is the energetic representation of the physical body. This is where present and other-life wounds are reflected. This is also where manifestations - vectors, etc. - from mental-emotional imbalance are projected. And it's the energy body that reveals etheric cord attachments.

When I visualize the energy body, it typically appears shaped like a physical body. That isn't always the case, though. Sometimes the level of trauma experienced, or perhaps the nature of a person's origins, will result in a visualization of something quite different.

The chakra system is very much attached to the energy body, in that it works so closely with that energy as to appear part of it. If there's something gone awry with the chakras, it will appear through the energy body visualization.

The Energy Field, or Aura

As I've come to accept it, the energy field, or aura, is the grid in which the energy body is formulated. While sometimes it can appear very grid-like, most times I see it as a bubble-esque form around the energy body. Its edges will be clearly defined, and its "innards" can harbor both the imaginable and unimaginable.

Both the edges and the innards contain vital information about the person as an embodied soul. Wear and tear on the edges may reveal "hostile" intents from outside sources. Artifacts and other vectors within the field may reveal how both the current life and other lives, and their relationships, affect the present.

The Imaginable and Unimaginable

From my perspective, the imaginable might include a soccer ball symbolizing the cause of an injury. It might also include a seascape if the person is either drawn to, nurtured by or lived/lives by the ocean. Unkind words - whether spoken by others or ourselves - might manifest as thorns or knives in the energy body or field.

Also from my perspective, the unimaginable might include a great pyramid taking up the majority of the energy field. (What might this suggest or symbolize?) It might also include the energy body appearing in a state of great distress, as though from a traumatic death. The appearance of a star system might indicate galactic origins.

In my experience, it's imperative to keep an open mind and "expect the unexpected."

Reading Energy Fields and Bodies

As with any form of energy healing, reading energy fields and bodies requires permission. Have no doubt, this form of energy work is both an investigation and an excavation before it's a healing. The visualizations and revelations are likely to be intimate, and therefore highly personal. Permission, then, is a must. (Otherwise, we're no better-intentioned than a "peeping Tom.")

My Method

This is what works for me. You're encouraged to start here, if you're just beginning, and then find your own best method.

Once I gain permission to visualize a client's energy field and body, I typically close my eyes and intend seeing what needs seeing. The imagery appears clairvoyantly, via my third eye. (While I might prefer to close my eyes, I don't have to. I can see clairvoyantly with my eyes open, too. Try it.)

Starting with the energy field, I scan it from top to bottom. It's a 3D experience using 5D technology, in that I receive 360 degrees of information. I visualize all areas. Once I have an overview, I take notice of what I'm most attracted to. Whatever it is, that's where I'll begin by sharing what I see with the client, along with any additional information intuited.

Through that interaction, we'll resolve what we're able to, and clear away the debris left behind. The process is a highly active one for both myself and the client. While I'm identifying, the client must do the work of resolving. I also involve their spirit team in the process to gain additional information, and sometimes to gain permission to clear something.

The clearing may involve "psychic surgery," techniques of a shamanic nature, and/or straight-up lightwork. (Lightwork in this case means calling in a bright-white energy to dissolve or transmute or otherwise heal an artifact or area.)

Once the energy field is resolved, then the energy body is approached in the same manner.

Your Turn

Yes, you can. Truly. Remember, everyone is psychic. Everyone is intuitive. Everyone has access to energy healing and the clair senses. It's our birthright.

While your particular psychic-intuitive strengths will differ from mine, they do exist. It's for you to use them and experiment with them. And it's for you to discover your own best methods for this sort of work, and any form of energy work.


Visualize Yourself

It's the best place to start, and it's a fantastic exercise in observation. It will give you the opportunity to gain some knowledge around how you visualize. (Confession: I did it for the first time, for this post. I needed to clear an old attachment that had become a bowling ball-sized energetic growth from my abdomen. It was affecting my solar plexus chakra.)

Some questions to support this:

  • Am I seeing colors, textures, and/or things?
  • Am I feeling as well as seeing? (Consider this both from a tactile perspective and an empathic perspective.)
  • Are there any audial clues being offered? (Voices, music, other sounds.)
  • What about smells or tastes?

Once you've visualized your energy field, feel into what you may resolve, and how. Be curious - oh, so curious! - about the "how." It could be incredibly practical, like taking out the trash or vacuuming - energetically speaking. It also could be incredibly fantastical, like calling in wind or rain, or the light I spoke of.

Trust your impressions and your intuition. Listen to whatever guidance is offered to you. Notice the difference in how you feel after you're complete.

Visualize Someone Else (with permission)

Follow the same process as you did with yourself, sharing what you notice as you go along. Pause whenever it feels necessary to address something. Involve your volunteer - your tribute - in the process. Remember that anything requiring resolution must be addressed by them, with your support.

Encourage them to feel what you notice. Encourage them to breathe into the energy of concern, and share the solution to the resolution with you. Hold space for them to process through sharing their impressions, their insights, their grief (oftentimes a primary process through this form of energy work), their joy... Hold space for them to respond in their own way. Ask them if they're ready to release or remove what needs it.

When you both feel complete, ask them to notice and share the difference in how they feel.

In Summary...

Reading (and healing) the energy body and energy field supports us in all aspects of our life, showering us with opportunity to enhance our present life in myriad ways. It can also better support our overall soul growth. That's a true win-win.

Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment.

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