Questions Answered: On Earth Angels, Lightworkers, and Healers

I see some great questions come through in my site's search terms round-up from week to week, and sometimes from day to day.

What fascinates me most is how similar most searches are.

They tend mostly to be either about ingestible essential oils or about lightworkers and angels. At certain times of the year, Mercury retrograde gets a lot of search interest. (Coming right up again starting August 30.)

For this first volume of Questions Answered, we'll focus on the dominant themes over the past month: Earth angels, lightworkers, and healers.

Here are the questions, answered.

Earth Angels, Lightworkers, and Healers: Questions Answered

Are lightworkers angels?

Such a great question! Answer: They can be. Not all lightworkers are Earth angels and not all Earth angels are lightworkers.

There was a time, not too long ago, when there was a pretty definitive difference between the two. Those lines have blurred, especially over the past three months.

What's changed?

The energies of the angel realms have been integrated with the energies of the lightworkers. There's a synergy existing now which wasn't present before.

This means there is greater ease of communicating with the angel realms; them communicating with us and us communicating with them.

This also means there's greater ease and opportunity for lightworkers to allow angelic indwelling.

What's indwelling?

Indwelling is the process of allowing spirits and angels to work from within the human body. It's channeling taken to another level; a more holistic level.

I'm experiencing the indwelling of many archangels and spirits at present, and they practice manipulating me in the manner of a human puppet, except I don't feel like a puppet.

I'm allowing it to happen because I've surrendered that much to this spiritual experience, as I've been asked to and guided to and chosen to. It's the most remarkably profound thing I've yet to experience in this lifetime.

Indwelling isn't a walk-in

A walk-in occurs when a body has been abandoned by its soul in time which isn't resonant with the soul's contract. In those instances, it's "permissible" for an angel to choose to inhabit the body fully.

This makes it so that the body lives out the soul's contract, with a little help from the angel realms. That also gives the angel realm an opportunity to

walk in the footsteps of their great charges and experience life in that human form.

It's a huge learning opportunity for the angels, as is indwelling. What's different is the human's soul is intact with the human body even as the angels (multiple, in my case) are present.

Make sense? Can you see the opportunities for many (many!) comedic situations with indwelling? ?

Of course, indwelling and walk-ins also make room for amazing healing and blessing opportunities, too.

Angels as lightworkers

The much-improved communication and the capability of indwelling make it so that a lightworker can actually be "housing" an angel.

Arguably, that would make the lightworker an angel, and the angel a lightworker. One and the same; divine partnership.

How beautiful is that?

What are Earth angels and lightworkers?

I've written about this here: Earth Angels and Lightworkers: Similar and Different

Is there a difference between a healer and an Earth angel?

Another great question!

Answer: Yes and no and there can be.

Refer to what was written above about lightworkers and angels. Also...

Is a healer a lightworker?

Yes or no. Healers can be lightworkers. Not all healers are lightworkers.

We see healers can be those who are in the business of healing. We see those who are in the business of healing are not lightworkers; they are, instead, helpers of the innovative medicines which are powering the pharmaceutical and powerful mechanical healing methods.

There's a great distinction being made here. It could be said that I'm in the business of healing since healing is my business. However, the difference is that the healing I'm here to do is spiritually based; soul based.

That seems to be the distinction being made over the "mechanical healing methods." The angels and spirits with whom I work refer to these methods as "the cold ways" because they aren't born of the light; they aren't meeting spiritual needs.

We see lightworkers are those who are working for the light and by the light and with the light. We see the lightworkers are creating new light upon Earth and are creating great healing through their work with the light.

The light, as it's being discussed here is the One light; the God light.

I'll point out that there are, without a doubt, those healers working with the pharmaceutical and mechanical aspects of healing work who are lightworkers. May their work be blessed.

Any questions? Any insight? Please share.

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