Questions Answered: Seeing Hell

Seeing Hell... The actual search term entered on my site read, "I seen hell in my third eye." It took me aback enough that I required a serious conversation with myself before committing to responding through this method. And full disclosure: I don't believe in hell - at least, not in the biblical sense.

Questions Answered #7: Seeing Hell with the Third Eye | Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive

So, the search query raises a number of questions from me:

  1. Was the querent actively seeking a glimpse of hell? (If yes: Why?)
  2. How does the querent know for sure what they saw was hell?
  3. And what, exactly, did they see? (Was there really fire and brimstone?)

Beyond those purely curious questions, the insight - and channeled message - arrives.

The insight

Remembering that our third eye acts as a lens for our spirit helps when we see visions that raise discomfort. Our spirit is, all on its own, a ball of light in the darkness. Seeing "hell" with the third eye indicates the person opened themselves for seeing "beyond the light," so to speak.

And that's fine, as long as we're properly grounded and shielded. When we work with the light as a healer or psychic/intuitive practitioner, there comes a time we'll see beyond the light. We'll see energies "of the dark." This offers up a great opportunity for understanding and healing.

I have a sense the person looked for hell. Whether intentional (conscious) or not, they looked for it. And they found it - at least, they found a vision of it; an impression of it. The unspoken and unwritten question behind their search term rises: "What does what I saw mean for me?"

The channeled message

"The person saw a suggestion of the hell. They witnessed a darkness which resides within all people, powerfully expressing itself unchecked. This is for understanding: The hell is not a place, it is a manner of being."

The last sentence certainly fits my understanding and belief, except it crystallizes it more clearly. Reflecting on hell as "a manner of being" assigns a deeper meaning to it than I reached up until now. It warrants a separate blog post that I'm unconvinced is mine to write.

What feels most important for this response lies in the second channeled sentence: "They witnessed a darkness which resides within all people, powerfully expressing itself unchecked."

Bottom-lining it

In many ways, their vision feels like a checkpoint. It feels like a somber reminder: "This exists within. This requires respect and temperance." For this person, I might suggest compassionately checking in with themselves. Unexpressed anger and other "hot" emotions may fan the flames of our inner hell, making way for an eruption that could prove devastating. Best to tend those emotions and safely express them before that point.

Blessed be.

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