Questions Answered: 11:11 and Magick

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Questions Answered 6: 11:11 and Magick | A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #1111 #11:11 #magick #thesoulways

A blog visitor wrote, "no longer seeing 11:11 after engaging in magick." How intriguing.

Immediately, the sensation behind this question is that perhaps the magick represented something "bad," resulting in no longer seeing 11:11. My understanding is, the magick wasn't black. So, let's set any wonderings about that aside. Word from Spirit is, there's nothing to be concerned about here.

"The magick fulfilled a calling. The engagement of the magick powerfully fulfilled the support the energy of the 11:11 nurtured."

That tells me the 11:11 sightings for this witch acted as encouragement toward engaging with magick. Having done that, they could consider the possibility that 11:11 is simply snoozing temporarily. I understand they will begin seeing that spiritual marker again very soon.

The bigger picture

For all of us, this offers us some deeper insight into the action of the elevens, in general. In most instances, they act as a spiritual signpost, of sorts. They show up as confirmation of our spiritual alignment or as compassionate urging toward realignment.

And there will come the time when they start working as shepherd signposts, guiding us toward a specific short-term goal - such as engaging with magick. With that short-term goal reached, consider that a pause may happen while our guides engage with preparation for our next short-term goal. The cycle then begins anew.

I hope that helps. Related questions, insights, observations welcome.

Blessed be.

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