Questions Answered 5: When does a lightworker reach their potential?

In Questions Answered 5, I'm responding to, as it happens, five questions. These questions were asked either through my site's search box or in blog post comments. I've accumulated these questions over many months. My apologies to those who sought answers months ago.

Questions Answered 5: When does a lightworker or Earth angel reach their potential? ~ A blog post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #lightworkers #earthangels #galacticenergy #extraterrestrials #thirdeye #clairvoyance

Here we go.

What is my galactic energy?

This was a curious inquiry. My initial response went something like, "Huh?" And then I realized the inquiry might be related to people identifying themselves as Pleiadians, Arcturians, etc.

You'll probably best determine your galactic origins one of two ways:

  1. Read up on the various popular galactic (extraterrestrial) points of origin and notice which one resonates most.
  2. Make a pendulum graph of those points of origin and ask your pendulum to identify which one is yours.

I encourage the first instead of the second - or, if necessary, the first, first. Why? Because it's my experience that anyone seeking the answer to that question will feel a strong vibration toward one of them.

What if there's no resonance with any of the "usual suspects," your pendulum is neutral, and you're convinced you have extraterrestrial origins? Consider that you're from as-yet-unknown regions of the universe. Open a self-inquiry. Do some channeling. Be curious about what comes up.

If this is a new-to-you topic of inquiry and you're intrigued, consider Dolores Cannon's The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth. It's eye-opening.

Clock saying 9:18...

All angel numbers and the elevens can be personalized by us. However, their overarching function is for the masses; for everyone. When it comes to other numbers - such as 9:18 - there's definitely a personal meaning intended for the receiver.

I hear, "Dit, dit-dot-dit, dot, dit," a tiny snippet of lyric from a song in the Broadway musical Titanic. The song is sung by Titanic's telegraph operator as he uses Morse code to send a telegram for a passenger. What's the connection with the question? It's the Morse code itself, which is a form of communication using dots and dashes to represent letters and words.

It's similar with these number we see. For anyone wondering about numbers that aren't "the usual", there's need of a self-inquiry. (Ha! It's 10:11 as I'm writing this.)

That self-inquiry might include:

  • Do I know anyone whose birthday (or deathday) or anniversary is on September 18?
  • Is there another reason September 18 is meaningful to me?
  • Have I, or anyone I know, lived or worked in a place identified with the number 918?

The possible questions to ask are virtually endless. These may get you started in the right direction.

How long does it take a lightworker or earth angel to reach [their] potential?

I'm giving this up to channeling.

"The way of the lightworker and earth angel is unlimited to measurement of time or achievement. While a lightworker or earth angel may make significant strides in their evolution through a lifetime, their work ends not with the lifetime. Whether there is an additional human incarnation or the person remains in a spirit form past their passing, they will continue to develop and evolve. Their potential will continue to increase as they evolve. There is no ending or limit."

That was my impression, and yet it felt appropriate to open the floor to wiser beings. It might be helpful to think of every human incarnation as "continuing education," so to speak. And it might be helpful to understand that passing into spirit is also continuing education. It doesn't mean our evolution is complete. Even the most evolved beings (Buddha, Jesus, Mary etc.) can - and do - grow their potential in spirit form.

So, if you're hoping for a diploma of some sort during your incarnation, I'm sorry to disappoint. You're encouraged to be joyful that there will always be more growth and evolution for you to enjoy.

Can I share what I see in a 3rd eye vision?

We're talking clairvoyance here, which transmits via our third-eye chakra.

Short answer: Yes. I do it all the time in sessions. Whatever I see via my third eye in a session is meant to be shared with my clients. If it wasn't meant to be shared, I wouldn't see it. I also share them with friends, and sometimes with family. However, I see this as different, which is why there's a...

Longer answer: It depends. When I see something with friends and family, the context is Queen. What I mean is, if the context is that they're asking for support/insight, I'll most likely share what I see. If the context is outside that parameter, I'm more likely to withhold it. Otherwise, if nudged by my or their spirit teams, I'll ask them if they want to know more. That said...

For me, the best barometer for sharing outside the scope of a session (or a request for insight) is this: Is sharing what I see for the highest good of the recipient?

To be clear, before I begin a session I set an intention. The intention is that everything that happens within the session will be for the highest good of the client. (Also, that it will be for the greater good of the planet.)

Perhaps using the question in bold text above before sharing will help you, too.

Seeing someone in third eye as younger...

I'm responding to this from two angles.

Angle 1: The person is living.

From my perspective, I'd consider two things within this angle:

  1. Am I seeing a younger version because of something related to their life at that time? Or...
  2. Am I seeing a younger version because they're making changes in their life that will support their rejuvenation?

It's more than likely it will be one of these two things, or related to one of them. I would definitely seek more information at the intuitive level to learn more. I'd probably start with basic yes-or-no questions to activate my intuitive yes and no, and then proceed from there.

Angle 2: The person is in spirit.

If the person you see is in spirit... For me, it symbolizes their rejuvenation. All illness - physical and mental - is gone. They epitomize "Life is good."

I've seen this with several friends and relatives, and it's awesome. To see someone in spirit who we love and miss appearing more youthful and vibrant is a gift. It's indicative of their current state of being, which may be significantly better than their state of being before they passed.

This concludes Questions Answered 5.

I hope those who asked these questions get what they needed. Feel free to add your questions in comments, if you wish. They'll more than likely end up in the next installment of this series.

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