Questions Answered 4: Energy Leaks, Others' Karma, the Veil in July

Questions Answered 4: Energy Leaks, Others' Karma, the Veil in July

This fourth installment in my Questions Answered series (links to the other three at the end of this post) addresses another round of intriguing and thoughtful questions asked via my site's search bar.

Questions Answered, Volume 4: Energy Leaks, Others' Karma, the Veil, more ~ Intuitive Ellen :: Ellen M. Gregg

Portions of the answers are channeled. Channeled text is indented and italicized.

Human angels

"Human angels" wasn't phrased as a question, and yet the question is obvious: Are there human angels? In a word: Yes. We refer to them as Earth angels.

The human angel is an incarnated angel; an angel who has chosen to incarnate in the human frame.

It's as simple as that. I wrote a post about Earth angels and lightworkers. You can read that right here.

Are lightworkers angels?

Such a great question. They can be, in the sense that there are incarnated angels on Earth doing light work. Not all lightworkers are incarnated angels, though. Refer to that post I linked to above.

Energy leaks

This one was intriguing. What was the context behind it, I wonder? Here's what my spirit team has to say about energy leaks:

We notice the energy leaks are those areas of the energy form and energy field which are fractured, punctured, or otherwise compromised and therefore permitting energy to escape. When this occurs, the person suffering the leaks may experience fatigue, powerlessness, and other symptoms of disharmony.

When I conduct an Energy Alignment session, one of the things I look out for are tears or holes in a client's energy field and energy body (form). As they're noticed, they're repaired.

Energy Alignment session :: Intuitive Ellen, Ellen M. Gregg :: Deep Intuitive Insight, Soul-to-Soul Connection

A great analogy for energy leaks is a leaking car tire. You can drive on it for a while, and yet it will reach a point where it's dangerous to do so. Find and repair the leak, refill the tire, and you're good to go.

Can I pay someone else's karma?

So, my first response to this was, I melted. I mean, how kind of someone to ask such a question. Talk about taking one for the team.

This question will have pointed the querent to a post I wrote about karma and paying it back.

As I understand it, we can't pay someone else's karma for them. That would remove the entire point of karma as a spiritual journey to enlightenment. Let's find out what my spirit guides have to offer on this topic.

The presence of karma is one which requires the holder of the karma to work toward its relief. Understand, this is a concept which is attributable to certain religious experiences, and to those who choose to accept it as a path toward their own spiritual enlightenment, outside of a religious experience.

With this, ask yourself: Do I have reason to suspect there is karma which must be relieved? If the answer is yes, then we would ask that you consider what was done to acquire the karma, and how it will be that you will make amends to relieve it.

It sounds reasonably practical, doesn't it? I might term the practice of making amends "shadow work." Another word that comes up, in a big way: "forgiveness." That would mean forgiving the self as well as, perhaps, requesting forgiveness from another.

As for how this might be brought to one for whom you may wish to assist with the process, this part is vital: It must be understood that the person with the karma is to undertake the work for themself. If they don't, they can't learn and grow. It would be as though denying a child the process of learning to walk; doing the work for them. There's no value in that for the child.

I hope that makes sense.

Why is the veil between life and spirit worlds so thin in July 2018?

This question caught me off-guard, because I wrote a post a couple years ago about there no longer being a veil. Experiences I've had since mid-2015 have shown me, over and over again, that the veil which may have existed no longer does.

Of course, those are my experiences. It could be that there are those who feel there is a veil between them and the spirit realms; a buffer zone, so to speak. If so, that's their experience, and it's their choice to permit that veil to drop or dissolve.

Do you experience a veil between yourself and the spirit realms? If yes, why do you suppose that is? How do you feel about it? What would happen if it no longer existed for you? Questions to ponder, journal, meditate on, etc.

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