Questions, Answered: Lightworker Intuition, Palm Chakras, Light Beings, More

Questions, Answered: Lightworker Intuition, Palm Chakras, Light Beings, More

I'm endlessly fascinated by the search inquiries used on my site. The channeled responses to those inquiries range from powerful revelations to sweet whispers of validation. There are a whole bunch in this new round-up of Questions, Answered. Let's dive in.Questions, Answered: Volume 3 ~ Answering questions posed through my site's search box. ~ Intuitive Ellen

Meaning of "To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are."

Our brightest light is the truth of who we are; the soul self and its missions and purpose. When we acknowledge, accept and practice from our soul, we are being who we truly are. We are shining our brightest light out into the world and blessing everyone we come into contact with.

What is lightworker intuition?

Lightworker intuition is no different than "plain old" intuition. Intuition is intuition, and yet the practitioner of intuition may practice in a way that amplifies it. It's like the difference between a person who runs to get some exercise, and a person who trains for marathons and Iron Man competitions.It may be that a lightworker who's deeply aligned with her soul will be more like the marathon runner with her intuition. She may be more purposeful and intentional and therefore exhibit much stronger intuitive abilities.Want to deepen your intuitive practice, and/or learn more about intuition in a very practical way? You can access my free Intuitive Explorer e-course when you subscribe to my mailing list.

Essential oil that will increase you energetic flow for palm chakras

Ooh... Loving this search term. Here's a blend to increase the energetic flow of palm chakras:

♥ 3 drops elemi♥ 2 drops peppermint pepita♥ 1 drop rose (you may substitute lavender, if you don't have rose)

Add to an ounce of your favorite carrier oil, combine well and dot in the center of each palm. Bring your palms together and gently rub them against each other in a circular motion to spread the oil.Hold your hands in a prayer formation, and then create space between your palms. (Keep your fingertips and the base of your hands touching.) Close your eyes and focus your attention on the space between your palms. Intend that you feel it fill with the energy of your palm chakras.What do you notice? Is there a sensation or a temperature change? Envision an infinity symbol extending from palm to palm. What color is it?Your palm chakras will be functioning well. Now, how will you practice with them and keep them functioning well? How will you bless yourself and others... and Earth?

What's the difference between light beings and lightworkers?

Light beings are energies not in human form. They are spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, elementals, etc.Lightworkers are humans who are aligned with their soul and work its light for the betterment of themselves and their community, and beyond.Is a lightworker peaceful?Yes, to whatever degree she or he is able to harness at any given time. Lightworkers are human, and so are subject to the same angst and upset everyone else is. Their feathers can most definitely be ruffled. Also, they're most likely highly empathic, which means they feel everything. And yet their core operating system may very well be peaceful, if that's what they choose.

What does seeing shiny scales through the third eye represent?

Loving this inquiry. The first thing that comes to mind is dragon energy. The second thing that comes to mind is fish energy. Then again, perhaps these scales are more like the scales of justice. (Getting a "no" on that.)For the person who asked this question...

The scales are meant to remind you of your connection to the fire energy of dragons. You are in need of more fire in your life; more passion and more action. Be aligned with the energy of the dragon and use that energy for strength and action.

When did Doreen Virtue give up angels?

This is such a tough one. There's a collective sadness and confusion around it. So many people are feeling set adrift.I wrote a post about this situation before the angels went by the wayside, too. I don't know when that part of her change of path occurred. My post gives a sense of when we were first made aware of the change. Read the post.

What is the purpose of the witch?

As I understand it from my trusty spirit team...

The witch is a caretaker of the energies of Earth. She enacts spells and opens gateways to preserve the sanctity of Earth's energy ecosystem, and to engage with the healing of the Earth-human connection.

I love that, so much. I see synchronicity between the witch and the Earth angel. The main difference is, the witch may be far more rooted in Earth's "mainframe" whereas the Earth angel may be far more rooted in the dimensional "mainframe."Witches also tend to be very much in tune with the cycles of the seasons and the moon. They work with the energy of those cycles, rather than against them as so many people do. They honor the balance of light and dark; work and rest; growth and harvest. It's beautiful.

Use of Enchanted Map cards for evil?

Picture me scratching my head over this one and saying out loud, "Really?" Here's the thing:Anything and everything can be used for evil, if that's your intention. My question is: Why the heck would that be your intention? Why would anyone want to intentionally manifest evil?For me, it doesn't compute. The Enchanted Map deck is fantastic for finding your way on your path, among other things.Blessings be.

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