Questions Answered: Ascended Masters, Karma, Earth Angels, More

This is the second round of questions that came through search terms on my site. The first round is right here. Notable: It was 11:11 am when I put my attention on this post.Please be aware these answers are general. As with all questions, when answered to an individual rather than a group there will be specifics that space and time simply don't allow for in a group setting.Questions Answered: Ascended Masters, Karma, Earth Angels, Stonehenge, More ~ Intuitive Ellen

Do ascended masters surround you when you're waking up spiritually?

They can, although not everyone is "predestined" - aka soul contracted - to work with the ascended masters. It could be that you're meant to work predominantly with the angel realms or the ancestral spirit realms.That isn't to say that you can't invite the ascended masters to work with you.Let's say, for example, that you feel a deep connection to Mother Mary or the Buddha that just won't quit. This would be an opportunity to invite that energy to work with you and/or to give you insight as to why that connection exists.

How do you know when your karmic debt is repaid?

I know this question came about from this post on karmic debt. It's a great question that isn't easily answered, because that knowing will be different for everyone.Why is that? Because we each have extremely individualized karma we're working with. That means that the repayment of that karma will be extremely individualized, too.What I can say is this, though:There's a very good chance that you'll notice a general lightening within the scope of your life once you've repaid your karmic debt. It may be that relationships have more ease; abundance seems more... abundant; light and lightness of being are more accessible and available and sustainable. You may also notice your spiritual evolution picking up pace and intensity.

How do you work as an earth angel?

This question likely came as a result of this post on earth angels and lightworkers. We'll address it question from two angles.Earth angels can work in any employment field. They can be business tycoons or investment bankers as easily as they can be social workers or spiritual entrepreneurs. They can be the director of the Audubon Society as easily as they can be a small-business organic gardener. Whatever field they're in, they'll know a deep call from Mother Earth.Work as an earth angel will probably show up as a need to do something - anything - to help heal the damage that's been done to Earth by our human ways.You'll probably feel compelled to do your own part to help, like picking up litter in your community; taking care with water usage; using only reusable shopping bags. You may also feel compelled to practice some level of activism to bring attention to the needs of Earth to the people around you, and even to people regionally and/or globally.The bottom line is, work as an earth angel entails working on behalf of Earth's well-being.

What is ascension energy?

This question may have come up from this post on ascension symptoms. Ascension energy, in a nutshell, is the energy that is raising the vibration of humans and Earth to restore balance of light and dark; feminine and masculine.Right now, we're in the death throes of the time when the dark and the masculine overpowered the light and the feminine. There's a whole lot of kickback that we're seeing very publicly and globally at the political level (Brexit, the fallout around the current U.S. leadership) and also at the natural level (climate change magnifying hurricanes, etc.).At the personal human level, ascension energy can show up within our occupations, our relationships, our physical bodies and our homes. What - and/or who - once used to bring us enjoyment and fill our cups to overflowing now causes us unease or distress.

  • We may feel compelled to minimize belongings and relationships.
  • We may feel compelled to walk away from jobs and relationships.
  • We may feel compelled to make - and/or we may notice - changes in our eating, drinking, sleeping, etc.

Ascension energy can create a lot of turmoil for us because it shines the brightest imaginable light on the entirety of our lives. Nothing can hide from it, and some things will be intolerable in its glare. The clearing out that we undertake as a result makes room available to remember and receive what we've forgotten at the soul level.

What is the difference between Stonehenge and Craigh Na Dun?

Thank you, whoever asked this question. You've supplied my brain with so much entertainment as it mulled your question over ahead of me communicating with my guides about it. :-) It's probable it rose from this post about crystal grids and Craigh Na Dun.From the brain perspective, the biggest difference is Stonehenge being actual to Earth and Craigh Na Dun being fictitious to Earth. For those who may not know, Craig Na Dun is a grouping of standing stones created by Diana Gabaldon for her incredible "Outlander" series of books, now a show on Starz.Still from the brain perspective, the next-biggest difference is Stonehenge having been erected to celebrate the turning of the seasons and/or as a "ceremonial complex and temple to the dead." Craigh Na Dun, while based on any number of standing-stone structures in Scotland, and very obviously ceremonial and probably season-oriented in purpose, serves another, more dominant purpose: transportation through time.Now for the non-brainy part. In asking my guides about the difference between these two standing-stone structures, they had this to say:

The Stonehenge was erected to preserve the soul as it exited the body. The ancients felt there would be harm to the soul were it left to roam of its own accord past the human incarnation. They erected Stonehenge to offer a vessel to the souls and to honor the ancestors, as well as to honor the sun and its passages throughout the wheel of the year.The Craigh Na Dun was erected to honor the passages of the sun. The issuance of the stone at the center of the circle as a portal through time created a more resolute energetic function that superseded the origins of the grouping.

Fun! :-)

Are babies drawn to earth angels and lightworkers?

While all humans - and animals, too - may be drawn to earth angels and lightworkers because of their vibration, it's possible babies and young children, in general, will be even more so. Consider that babies and children under the age of, say, five or six years are still in that place of connection with their soul energy. It hasn't yet been masked by their humanization.It makes sense, then, that they could recognize and be attracted to someone who's rejoined their soul energy. Of course, bear in mind that the attraction could be muted by well-intentioned parents warning their children about stranger danger.

What is the longevity of lightworkers?

This query showed up in this way: "lightworker longevity."It's something I haven't considered before, apart from the aspect of incarnational longevity as it applies to lightworkers and earth angels. What I mean by "incarnational longevity" is, how many more times a soul may need to incarnate as a human before it's evolved beyond that need.I've posed this question to my guides. Here's their response:

The longevity of lightworkers is no different from the longevity of any human. Some will experience a long human lifetime, and others will not. What may be different is how the lifetime evolves with the spiritual practices of the lightworker. There is some indication that a deep commitment to spiritual practice could contribute to the shorter expanse of a human life as the soul that is within its last incarnation has no need to linger upon Earth.

That last part is fascinating. It makes sense, too - to me, at least.There we have it. The questions are answered.I hope this has been interesting, at least, and perhaps even helpful. Thanks for asking, and thanks for reading.If you feel as though you need more clarity around your specific situation, consider booking a session with me.

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