Seeing Dark Energy in People: Questions Answered 11

Seeing Dark Energy in People: Questions Answered 11


Seeing dark energy in people... The title for this post came from a search term submitted to my site: "What is the dark energy we can sometimes see in people?" Great question.

Seeing Dark Energy in People: Questions Answered 11 | Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive :: The Soul Ways

"The forces of the darkness rise in all humans, and yet in some they fester and grow, revealing themselves in a way which may be viewed. The darkness engages with the ego and commands attention, that the person chooses falsehood over truth, and passion over compassion. This then creates more darkness, as the person chooses that which feeds the ego over that which feeds the soul."

An excellent - and therefore terrible - example of that channeled message is Hitler. While it might feel more comfortable for us if we could say - and know - he was "evil incarnate," that just isn't true in the energetic (and Biblical) sense. The choices he made, based in superiority, power and greed, served only his ego. And the more he served his ego, the more "service" it required.

And the ego isn't the villain in this, by the way. As humans, the ego serves a purpose. And yet when most or all energy and actions focus on the ego, and the energy and actions birth from feeling superior, wanting power or feeding greed (and similar), things may go horribly awry. Obviously, a vast understatement in Hitler's case.

So, if we find ourselves able to see dark energy in someone, that likely means they're making choices in service to the self-serving aspects of the ego. (Self-serving having nothing in common with self-caring.) And the more that happens, the denser and broader that dark energy becomes.

The other side of the dark energy coin

Dark energy may also be attributed to demonic energy, and yet here's the thing about that: The ego has to be engaged in such a way that a demonic energy can gain access to human energy. Demonic energy feeds on darkness, and so there must already be an active darkness present for the demon to breach the human and use their energy. (Again, that wasn't the case with Hitler.)

I hope that makes sense. While I could dive deeper down the rabbit hole with this aspect of darkness, this doesn't feel like the post for it. I wrote about it in another post, though. Click here.

How might we help that someone?

We can't help without their permission. And their permission likely comes only when they feel that darkness within themselves and find it uncomfortable. However, we might offer them some illumination through communicating our observations and concerns. If they defer denial and ask to know more, the opportunity exists that we may support the diminishment of the dark energy. We do that by supporting them making different choices and taking different actions.

And in the instance of observing dark energy in someone, I would certainly strengthen my own protection. Unfortunately, energy of that sort often works like a highly contagious virus. It gives people permission to "go there," when normally their chosen route serves the highest and best. Grounding, clearing and shielding protects us; innoculates us, we might say.

May this response help. Blessed be.

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