A Lesson in Psychic Attack from the Olympics

A Lesson in Psychic Attack from the Olympics


A share and a lesson from the Olympics on psychic attack.

In these pictures are USA's gold-winning swimmer Michael Phelps and South Africa's stellar swimmer Chad le Clos. Two nights ago, these men were competing in semi-finals for a major head-to-head swim last night. And it's from the semi-finals that these pictures come.

Michael Phelps and Chad le Cros ~ 2016 Olympic Games

Check out Michael's face. It goes from "bad" to worse as Chad's showboating - highly unusual for the holding area - escalated. What isn't shown is Chad staring at Michael in a highly-energetic (heard "combustible") way.

On Monday night it was funny because of the commentary from NBC's swim meet anchors. Last night, it wasn't so funny.

It occurred to me, watching Chad standing by the pool staring blatantly and inappropriately, once again, at Michael with great force, that this was a psychic attack playing out on international TV.

I asked, "What can we do?"

I was shown a wall - clear and almost water-like in appearance. Understanding that's what was needed, I intended the wall be placed between the two men, who were set to swim side-by-side in the pool.

At one point, I considered whether the "wall" needed to surround Michael. Big "no" on that.

Even with the pictures of Michael's "game face," it didn't occur to me that the wall was as much to protect Chad as it was to protect Michael until this morning.

Huge "aha" moment around that. Even though Michael wasn't obviously attacking Chad, as Chad was Michael, it was certainly going on in his head.

Psychic attack is a two-way street.

Psychic Attack is a two-way street.

So. For all of us...

Psychic attack can show up in many ways.

♠ It can show up in the showboating Olympian who's careful to hide his stare from the cameras.

♠ It can show up in the game-faced Olympian who otherwise appears to be minding his own business.

♠ It can show up in the competitive co-worker who always has to one-up those they work with.

♠ It can show up in the jealous husband or wife.

♠ It can show up in misdirected or overblown anger.

We have all - wittingly or not - been both the victims of and perpetrators of psychic attack.

What's the message for us?

(There must be a message since I was guided to post this.)

We see the intention of the thoughts and the gaze are the intentions of the energy which results. We see there is need to be mindful of what is behind the gaze and the thoughts.

Makes sense. Good to be aware.

And if you suspect another of psychic attack toward you, build that beautiful (it really is beautiful) wall to protect yourself... and them.

You'll both be better for it.

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