Proper Use of Energy Work

Energy healing is a blessing for the metaphysical community and those it serves.Energy healing - energy work - has its place.There are times, however, when energy work isn't meant to be used.There are times when it doesn't serve or isn't meant to serve in the way we see fit.The gift of energy healing is its engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system.An engaged parasympathetic nervous system promotes a deep sense of relaxation and well-being which then motivates the body to self-heal.It's almost miraculous.Energy healing can work miracles. (When it's meant to.) ~ Proper Use of Energy WorkThe reminder about the proper use of energy work is important for two reasons.

♦ 1) It opens a dialogue within the metaphysical community and within the practitioner-client relationship, and

♦ 2) It reminds us, as energy workers, that we aren't God.

The Dialogue

When we're called to energy work, we can easily assume the position of being always at the ready to place our hands and our intentions.There's great power in this. There's great promise in this. There's great presence in this.The capacity to offer healing on the spot - no special tools required - is heady and amazing stuff. And it's a great blessing; a great help and resource.The reason the dialogue is necessary, though, is because of item two.

We Aren't God

As was said, the ability to offer healing with our hands and intentions can be heady stuff; amazing stuff.That headiness can too easily be our downfall, and lead to unimagined complications for the recipients.The distribution of healing energy can result in great healing, and fast. It can bypass all known and medically recognized healing periods.And while that may be appreciated by the person who needs healing, there's a potential for powerful lessons to be missed by the intended recipient.There's a potential for death - arguably the ultimate healer - to be missed in the time agreed upon before entering the earth plane for incarnation.That isn't something I want to be responsible for.That isn't something you want to be responsible for either, I hope.

Proper Use of Energy Work

The "proper" use of energy work ("proper" being my spirit team's word) is the use that takes all of this into consideration.It's entering into a co-creative collaboration with our spirit team and the spirit team of the intended recipient, and with the critical establishment of permission from the recipient.It's being clear that healing is meant to be achieved at the time, and to further determine how far the healing is meant to go.It could be said that energy work's intention and scope is always for the recipient's highest good. That can be true, and yet there are times when the highest good is bypassed in favor of relationship with the recipient.Imagine it's your mother who needs healing. Are you more likely to pause and state the intention that the healing be for her highest good, no matter the outcome, or are you more likely to intend the healing take care of all problems, seen and unseen, in the fastest time possible?What if it's your child?The proper way to use energy work is to confer with your spirit team and your client's spirit team and get clear on any limitations from the outset.


That was another I-didn't-see-that-coming post. Something's brewing around energy work, for sure.What do you feel?

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