The Productive Nature of Mercury Retrograde

Make that the productive and relaxed nature of Mercury Retrograde."Slow down. You're moving too fast... Feeling groovy... Life, I love you. All is groovy."So sing Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, and so is the groovy vibration of Mercury Retrograde, which we entered into today and will enjoy through May 22.Have a Groovy Retrograde ~ The Productive (and Relaxed) Nature of Mercury RetrogradeI like to describe Mercury Retrograde as the zone of the productive "re" words.My journal entry today (so far; just getting started) fleshes out and illustrates that description.

28 April, 2016Mercury Retrograde.Review: Business. Place. Purpose.Restore: Health. Sleep. Purpose.Resume: Living. Laughing. Loving.Reveal: Truth. Falsehood. Presence. Purpose.Replenish: Breath. Focus. Trust. Faith.Recreate: Compass. Health.Relive: Purpose.Reprieve*: Finances. Health.Release: Traitorous tendencies.** Free will.***Rebalance: Health.Retune: Life.Revel: Living. Laughing. Loving.Represent: Purpose.Recreation: Adventure.

So many "re" words, right? And each productive in their own way. Even recreation, although conventional expectations might say otherwise.It's easy to get wound-up and fearful around Mercury Retrograde because of its overtone of rewinding and the strong suggestion to refrain from starting anything new or signing important contracts, etc.It's easy to think that a retrograde effectively ties our hands and feet from making progress. That isn't true.

Mercury Retrograde is Necessary

It's an opportunity to use our preferred check-and-balance methods to make sure we're on track.Let's add a couple more "re" words.

Recycle: Old paradigms. Diets.Reduce: Excess. Self-talk.

Mercury Retrograde can help us reclaim our soul power. "Re" up, groovers!

   *Who'd've thought "reprieve" could be productive? Not me, until I really leaned into its deeper meaning in reference to the subjects it relates to. What do you need a reprieve from? What do your psyche and soul need a reprieve from?
  **Traitor to soul.
***Release free will? Yes! This is an important exercise for me in trusting the greater arc of my purpose. Is it advisable for anyone or everyone? Sure. It would make for an interesting way of examining your willingness to surrender to your soul's light.

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Today is Earth Day

Today is Earth Day