Present Tense, Future Tense

As channeled as the title of this post is, it's almost immediately recognizable as a play on words.At least, it is to me.Present Tense, Future Tense

We see the present tense is the presence of great tension in the world. We see the tension is ripe predominantly in the Middle East and in the United States. We see a world reflection of the two.We see the future tense is the presence of continued tension in the world without significant change in the present. We see the world cannot change in the future if it does not change in the present.We wish for you to understand how dire the situation has become. We see the mass killings and the hysteria and anger which follows only serve to amplify the energy of those who would prefer to see the world change only in their own best interests.We see those who wish for their own best interests to take precedence will do what they may to amplify the aggression and the corruption and the ways which are no longer a part of the fabric of the world paradigm.We see the people who wish to interfere with those authorities will need to remember their true purpose is to integrate the light into the Earth.We see the integration of the light will create a matter of great presence and power which will only then be available as an antidote to the aggression and fear and tyranny.We see this will be possible with the new energies.We see this will be possible with the rising light.We see this will be possible with the people who are accepting their roles and missions and purposes in the way of the spirits and the angels.

This message is most certainly in response to the increasing volatility of the people here on Earth who are living by ego rather than by spirit.And I acknowledge that "ego" has become more and more of a "bad" word in the vocabulary of the spirit realms who are using me to power them and their message.That's how it is. That's the truth of it. The ego is not our friend. The ego is not our enemy, either.It's a tag-along, and it's a vocal one, at that.It's baggage and resentment and power-hunger.It's opposition without ownership.It's powerful through its insidious and cancer-like nature.It's the conflagration of the millennia during which man has overridden the basic nature of the spirit.The terrorization of the human nature through the egoic parties which are taking ownership of the present day is at risk of being leveled by light.Let it be.

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The Devil: Taking On Tarot

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