Presence of Being Over Presence of Doing

Every day is an adventure, and there are moments of adventure within those days of adventure.A moment ago, I was guided to create a new blog post, which isn't unusual. The unusual - and adventurous! - part came in having not a blessed clue what the topic would be.The channeling of the title clued me in. Let's see what we need to learn from it.

Presence of Doing

The presence of doing is the state of powering the human self through the day with little or no regard for what needs to be. In the state of doing in this way, there is no regard for the spirit self. There is only the regard for the human compunction to arrange the day in frames of purposeful activity which may not support the purpose of the human's spirit.The presence of doing is marked by exhaustion, anger, frustration, and great need to be in the right.

The presence of doing only acts. The presence of being first listens, then acts.

Presence of Being

The presence of being is the state of asking the one to be in guiding the activity.The presence of being asks the human self to step aside for the spirit self. In such a way, the spirit self powers the human self to act on behalf of the spirit and the one.The difference in the doing which is powered by the being is its purpose becomes central to the purpose of the spirit, and for the betterment of the all and the one.The presence of being reminds the human to be in a state of open inquiry to what will best help the Earth to be in health.The presence of being reminds the human to be in a state of curiosity which allows for the reclamation of so-called miracles which are less miraculous than the human self believes.The presence of being reminds the human to be in a state of powerful openness to the messages which we are always intending to impart.

Oh, I like that. It reminds me of a quote which speaks of relinquishing the human doing for the human being. There's such a difference.And I have a great appreciation for the clarity of their being action within the state of being.The state of being doesn't require sitting still and non-action. Instead, it requires mindfulness and the ideal of oneness within action. Again, there's such a difference.

For Pondering

? How does it feel to be in a state of doing over a state of being?? How does it feel to be in a state of being over a state of doing?? How can a state of being help us to accomplish more than a state of doing?

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