Preparing for the New Energy

In less than one week, on December 13 and with the full moon, the new energy that's been the buzz of spiritual communities arrives and delivers.The energy, when it is delivered, will begin to propagate itself; to unpack and unfold and stretch, and stretch, and stretch.The propagation process will continue through the start of Mercury retrograde (the 19th), through the Winter Solstice (the 21st), through the opening of Hanukkah (the 24th), through Christmas (the 25th), through the opening of Kwanzaa (the 26th)...By the new moon on the 28th, it will be fully installed and operational.Preparing for the New Energy ~ Being more intentional about preparing to receive the new Earth energy on December 13, 2016.

"The countdown begins."

My personal peanut gallery* is having fun with all of this. As I typed "fully installed and operational" I heard a siren sound effect that I identified as being from Star Wars and may even be associated with the Death Star.Right after that I heard, "The countdown begins."The humor is appreciated, and it doesn't stop there since I'm now hearing the chorus of the song "The Final Countdown." :-)So.What's the difference between powering ourselves and preparing ourselves? One word: Intention.

It's All in the Intention

"We notice there is perhaps a need to be investing greater intention to the preparations. We wish for the people who can be prepared to be prepared."We notice there are many who understand what comes and yet do nothing to make themselves available to preparation. The preparation is necessary to help those who will be unable to help themselves."There are millions of people who are preparing and prepared, and yet there are millions more who are unprepared."Those who follow their soul's path are those who are able to be in preparation. They must be more intentional."

I just heard, "Step up their game." There are those of us - and I'll include myself here, because I'm sure I can be doing more - who need to step up our preparation game. To not do so will be most unhelpful.Bringing deeper intention to the preparation table will open us to deeper guidance around what we can do ahead of time, and maybe what we can expect when we're in the throes of the installation and propagation process.

Being More Intentional

Here are some ideas that might help with this:

???? Draw a Tarot or oracle card (more if we're guided to) each day specific to the new energy preparation. Follow its guidance.???? Meditate or pray each day on/about the new energy preparation. Notice what comes up and act accordingly.???? Put pen to paper for free writing or channeling or journaling. Again, notice what comes up and act accordingly.???? Ask our spirit team for assistance and act accordingly.

I hope that helps. It's given me some ideas for my own preparation, for which I'm grateful.How are you feeling about all of this? How are you preparing, if you're preparing?Blessings be. ~Ellen*The "peanut gallery," as I refer to it, is an assemblage of ancestors; in-spirit loved ones. They're sometimes very vocal. And funny. ;-)

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