Practice Makes Progress

"Practice makes perfect."

How many times did we hear that, growing up?If you're at all like me, whether it was learning to play the piano, or to write cursive, or to speak a new language, "practice makes perfect" was a common refrain.So we'd practice, and practice some more. But did we ever reach that "perfect" point? I know I didn't.And neither did anyone else, for that matter, because practice is a progression.Practice Makes Progress: Practice isn't about perfection. Practice is about progression.

"Practice makes progress."

Think about it. As soon as we master a skill set, we level up - much like playing Candy Crush. (From the sounds of it. I don't play, but know many people who do.)Once we level up, there's another skill set to master, or, at least, there's more to learn.In last week's post, I mentioned that I'm making progress in what amounts to my sometimes self-defeating, self-sabotaging view of myself by way of my reflection in other women.I practice self-love and forgiveness and find that I go to that negative place less and less as I grow, and grow older. Progress!

Other things I practice:

Reiki. Reiki is a healing practice, and a spiritual healing practice, at that. In spite of holding a certificate that qualifies me as a Reiki master teacher, I will always be practicing Reiki, and will see progress in myself, as a result.Meditation. Another spiritual practice, and, from what I'm experiencing, a healing one, too, meditation is all about progress. The more it's practiced, the more progress will be seen. But there's no end-game point in meditation named "perfect."Eating well. I practice this from meal to meal by making choices as to what I eat. While I subscribe to a plant-based, whole-food eating style, I do, on occasion, make a choice to eat things that most definitely aren't a whole food.As time goes on, however, that choice is made less frequently. Progress. (Although I would argue that the occasional dark chocolate candy bar I consume maybe should be a whole food. ;-) Are you with me?)Peace. I've mentioned how peace came into my life through Reiki practice. The more I practice Reiki, the more I practice peace.Progression in the former leads to progression in the latter. Even so, they are separate, and each has their own set of choices with which they come.I choose to practice peace because I see its effect on me, and I see the possibility of its effect on our world. I still experience many moments of upset, but peace prevails, more often than not. Progress.What about you? What do you practice? Do you practice for perfection, or for progress?


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