Powering Ourselves for the New Earth Energy

2:11. Of course. It had to be an 11 time given the nature of the energy motivating me in this moment.I just finished re-reading yesterday's new moon post through the lens of my spirit team, and noticed there was a strong response to a section of channeled text about our spirit guides.Here's the text that provoked this new blog post:

“There is a great change coming which will greet new spirit guides for many lightworkers and Earth angels. The new guides and angels have begun their change and there will be a much-changed energy that attends them and so attends those who acquire them."

What more do we need to know about that message? How does it affect "powering ourselves for the new Earth energy"?Let's find out.Powering Ourselves for the New Earth Energy ~ "We say to you, ease your minds and open your hearts to receive the fullness of grace which will forevermore benefit you.  We say to you, be in peace."

"For many eras, the Earth has stagnated. For many eras, there has been no power to open the humans to the needs of Earth. We see the time approaches when this will change."With the energy which comes, the lightworkers and Earth angels are needful of new guidance to address the new concerns which will be raised through the awakening of all people to their spirit's light."The guidance must come from the higher vibrations which will transform Earth. The guidance will come solely from the ascended masters and the archangels."We notice those who are in familiarity with the ascended masters and archangels will have some understanding of their energies."We notice those who are unfamiliar with the energies of the ascended masters and archangels will notice great differences from their spirit guides who are preparing to leave and create space for the new guides."Please be in watchfulness for these new energies. They are in a reasoning with energies which correlate with the entirety of the one light. In this way they are of the highest energies accessible with the human energy frame."The human energy frame undergoes a great transformation which will permit all lightworkers and Earth angels to revel in the energies of the ascended masters and archangels. "The ascended masters and archangels will choose some through which they will openly communicate, as they do with Ellen and others like her."We understand this is a great leap forward. We say to you, this leap is of the utmost importance to the wellness of Earth and all people."We say to you, ease your minds and open your hearts to receive the fullness of grace which will forevermore benefit you."We say to you, be in peace."

That definitely expands upon yesterday's message, and yet it feels as though there's more to say about "powering ourselves," which translates to preparing ourselves.Yesterday's post made reference to changing our spiritual practices as necessary - oh, better, as I just heard, "as we're called to."

???? That may mean working with different crystals, or no crystals at all, or adding crystals if they're not currently worked with.???? That may mean working with sage and palo santo with more intention.???? That may mean paying deeper mind to the moon's cycles.???? That may mean channeled writing or another form of channeled communication.???? That may mean opening to other practices not yet on our radar.

How else might we be guided to prepare ourselves to receive this wealth of new energy and its intriguing "side effects"?

???? Perhaps a book will come to our attention and demand we read it.???? Perhaps we'll receive an "aha" and/or a lesson through a movie or a TV show or a piece of music that will inspire a change.???? Perhaps we'll find ourselves needing more sleep.???? Perhaps we'll find ourselves drawn to specific food groups and drinks.???? Perhaps we'll discover we need more alone time or, conversely, more social time.???? Perhaps we'll find ourselves processing stuff we thought we'd processed, only this time at a deeper level.???? Perhaps we'll feel inclined to take a break from social media and/or news.

The keyword for all of this is: awareness.We must be in a state of awareness if we're to receive all that can help us to work through the download and integration of the new energies, and also allow us to work with the higher energies of the ascended masters and archangels.Whew. I'm tingling all over from this energy, and I feel like I'm levitating on my desk chair - with my desk chair - even though I can feel the contact of my feet with the floor.This is a whole lot of a whole lot, dearies. Deep breaths helpful. Patience and compassion for selves and others required.Time to level up.Blessings be. ~Ellen

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