Powerful New Moon Energy

As I clicked on the "Add New" link to create this post, a song popped into my head that I haven't heard in years. Here are the lyrics I heard:

"You dear attractive dewy-eyed idealist,Today you have to learn to be a realist.You may be bent on doing deeds of daring-do,But up against a shark, what can a herring do?Be wise, compromise."

The lyrics are from a song titled "No Way to Stop It" from the original Broadway musical The Sound of Music. (The song didn't make it into the Oscar-winning movie.)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3ROqhIv17QIt's sung by the Baroness, Max, and the Captain, and it revolves around the "request" for Captain von Trapp to join Hitler's cause.The question is: What does the song have to do with Sunday's new moon? Let's find out.Powerful New Moon Energy: The new moon on October 30, 2016 brings challenges and potential.

"We notice we enter a time of great frustration and urgency which will create anxiety and displeasure beyond what has already been felt."We reason with you to be in a compromise with your hearts. We wish for you to be understanding there is no power greater than the peace you present to the world."

More about that song:

While the Baroness and Max made every effort to convince the Captain that accepting the Third Reich's invitation to join them would be in his best interest by suggesting he do it his way, in a manner of speaking, the Captain wouldn't give in. He couldn't give in.For him, that would have meant giving up all peace of mind he retained from standing up for the Austria he knew and loved, and a way of being that didn't victimize people for their religious beliefs.This is the point being made here for the upcoming dark of the powerful new moon.We can take ourselves out of victim mode by choosing peace. And choosing peace requires us to be "in a compromise" (I'd suggest more like in cahoots) with our hearts.If we continue to "compromise" with our lizard brains and monkey minds, the frustration will continue and will create more anxiety and displeasure.Does choosing peace render us dewy-eyed idealists? Maybe. And yet wouldn't we rather that over the machinations of an energy that seems to be comparable to the energy of the Third Reich?We have a choice. We have the power to create peace within ourselves that will affect those around us.If you're choosing peace, you may find this meditation event timely.

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