Powerful Forces Require Powerful Energy

I've mentioned here and there about the darker side of the work I do. It's something I don't tend to put a lot of information out about because, to be really frank, it can make me wicked uncomfortable.

And then yesterday happened. There was so much that came up during an incident (that I wasn't even present physically for) that I told the person who I was in conversation with around it that the incident supplied me with fodder for five blog posts. I wasn't joking.

The Pre-Incident

A colleague of mine had a meeting with someone who'd come to her for something specific. What was meant to be a healing session became a meeting because my colleague felt strongly that what was needed was beyond her comfort level and capacity.

We texted before the session-turned-meeting because she was feeling unusually uncomfortable and that feeling increased with what she was being guided to bring into the session room with her. "Heavy hitters," let's say.

The information I received from our two spirit teams when she texted me gave credence to her discomfort.

It was such that I was given the direction to seal the session room for the protection of her and the client. In addition, I was guided to put a bubble of light just outside of my colleague's energy field for extra measure.

And in addition to that, there was specific instruction about the usage of black tourmaline and frankincense essential oil. Our spirit teams weren't messing around.

The Incident

The meeting happened, and again there were some unusual and uncomfortable vibes which seemed to seep in, in spite of all that had been done in preparation.

Those vibes were given life when the client disclosed what was going on and the effects it was having on life as a whole.

What are we talking about here, really?

We're talking about demons and we're talking about the dark arts. Those are two subjects that have me repeatedly checking my own energy, my home's energy, the energy of the land the home sits on...

Those are two subjects that have produced clearing sessions I wouldn't wish to repeat. And that isn't even addressing the obvious:

There are demons; energetic entities which cause great disruption and terror and even harm.

And there are people who willfully practice the dark arts, which are capable of summoning such entities. And there are also people who unwittingly practice the dark arts, which is equally as disturbing as those who practice willfully.

Ignorance, dearies, is no excuse.

Picture me stopping at this point to double-check all is well with me, home, and property.

Picture me being guided to reach for clary sage essential oil to anoint all seven main chakra points, and then White Angelica essential-oil blend to anoint the crown, third eye, throat and heart chakra points.

Picture me giving gratitude to the chunk of black tourmaline sitting at the feet of an angel here on my desk. Picture me putting my fingers on that stone and feeling its pulse of strength and its drawing of anything which might be not in my best interest out and away from me.

Powerful forces require powerful energy... (and black tourmaline)

(If you don't have a black tourmaline and you do energy/healing/spiritual work, get yourself one of these lovelies ASAP.)

That stopping is less about fear and more about personal experience.

I've had enough experience to veer always to what might be considered over-protecting when both dealing with and even putting my mind to - as now writing this post - these topics.

"Energy flows where attention goes," as Michael Beckwith wisely stated.

So. Demons and the dark arts. What a combination. And even without meeting with the person myself, the person's spirit team gave me a third eye-full of visions that depicted some - not all - of what's going on.

And to be clear, this person is a lightworker. This person isn't practicing the dark arts either willfully or unwittingly. This person has become a target by association with someone else and with a property. That brings another kind of discomfort, doesn't it?

What came of that was a clear message and understanding that what's happening to this person can be dealt with. The demon(s) can be removed to the light. The energetic effects of the dark arts can be removed from the person's energy field and home.

There's always a way, and thank goodness for that.

The Post-Incident

The story doesn't end with that thankful realization.

In the wake of the meeting/incident, the place at which it occurred needed specific clearing which began with determining no humans were present in the space. Once that was confirmed by both my colleague and our spirit teams, the work began.

From basement level to attic level, every single room and space in the building was checked from right here at my desk, as is done with energy clearings.

There was something to be addressed at each level. The bulk of it, as you might imagine at this point, was centered around the room where the meeting was held.

In spite of all the protection - energetic and physical - when I was guided to that room and "opened" the door, I was met with what appeared to be a brick wall. As soon as I saw the wall, it vanished and I realized I'd been blocked from seeing and doing anything else.

Let me tell you, that was an odd, odd feeling. I knew I was still in the space I was clearing and the zone that makes that possible, and yet I was entirely blocked from taking action.

Then the instructions - channeled through me and verbalized aloud for the benefit of my colleague - came as to how we would proceed.

I was guided to ask my colleague to ground herself even more than she already was. I was guided to do the same for myself. It felt like a wall of light was put up between us and the space, and it also felt as though the room that remained to be cleared was walled with light, too.

Archangels Michael and Raphael, and then "all archangels" were called in. The room, through its walls, floor, and ceiling, was surrounded with what appeared to be a luminescent white cloth. And then things were raised up and out of the room within that cloth and taken away by the archangels.

As soon as the cloth and its contents were out of sight (and into the light, I might add), I could see the room and sense its stillness and clarity.

So. grateful.

After that, it was a matter of double-checking the building was clear, and then sweeping the property with what my guides call the "wind of light."


Stopping again here, because I'm feeling pressure on my third eye that isn't meant to be there. Taking the black tourmaline in my hand and pressing it to my third eye, I can actually feel the pressure being drawn out.

Seriously. Get yourself this stone.

The Postscript

For both my colleague and me, the postscript (P.S.) was tending to our own personal clearing and space clearing to be sure everything was on the up-and-up.

Powerful forces do require powerful energy. And sometimes all the archangels. And always light.

The point of all this: We can't live in fear and ignorance of beings and energy which aren't of the light. We need awareness. And we need action.

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