Power Resists Power

Power Resists Power ~ Ego resists light.

The power of the ego resists the power of the light. This is the epitome of the power struggle which we see humans face every day when they allow the ego to preside over them.The ego wishes to be in control; wishes to be right; wishes to be in good grace; wishes to be powerful above all else.The light is powerful. There is no wishing or wanting. It is powerful.The struggle becomes more marked when the light casts its truth on the masses. The ego becomes the hot front to the light's cold front and they mingle in a thunderous eruption of energy.The mingling is a way of existing. The mingling is a way of preparing for the eventual balance of light to shadow; of ego's demise.The fact of the practice is the way the empowered and disempowered fight and eliminate each other through arguments and killings.We wish for the ego to evaporate. We wish for the power of the light to be in balance with shadow and for the humans to understand their empowerment as we do.The empowerment we see is that of the humans who eradicate their egos and open to their light and represent the one.This is the only way that will bring harmony to the presiding discord.This is power.

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