Physical Readiness for Spiritual Activation

Yesterday, while filming the energy reading for this Spring season, I experienced a powerful energy surge. The surge came through an explanation of a mudra (hand gesture) and what that triggered. The trigger and surge were the catalyst for talking about the importance of physical readiness for spiritual activation.It may be that you're aware when you receive a "download" - an energy boost or transformation of some sort. You may notice physical sensations linked to the energy as it comes into you; tingling, jolts, goosebumps. You may also notice sounds, visions, scents, tastes, etc.In addition to those various senses, you may also notice lightheadedness. In some cases, you may also experience unusual tiredness, hunger or thirst.Have you ever wondered why that is?Physical Readiness for Spiritual Activation ~ Intuitive EllenWhen we receive what I just heard are "light upgrades," they affect our physical body as much as our energy body. The light upgrades are a form of spiritual activation. Physical readiness is a must for those activations, so we can assimilate and withstand them.

Physical Readiness

Human bodies are dense by design. They're composed in such a way that we can keep our feet on the ground and manage Earth's atmosphere. In short, they anchor us to the Earth experience.Light upgrades are the complete opposite. They're "lighter than air." They're largely meant to remind us how to "fly" within (and without) our human bodies.So, when light upgrades meet human bodies, there has to be a synergy. Without that synergy, we'd experience a does-not-compute moment that could cause an "operational failure."That operational failure might mean we end up feeling "out of it" for days on end. It might also mean we end up inexplicably sick. In fact, I hear "motion sickness."  That's a great analogy for this sort of operational failure.(It's 11:11 right now. Definitely time for sharing this subject.)If our bodies aren't ready to receive what's delivered to us, we may feel as though we've lost our "sea legs." While not life-threatening, it's certainly uncomfortable, and may be debilitating in the short-term.How are we made ready?

Spiritual Activation

The very light upgrades we're made ready for are the light upgrades that make us ready for that spiritual activation.The preparatory light upgrades work at the energetic as well as the cellular level. They pave the way for us to receive what's coming next.The activation light upgrades then swoop in and, once downloaded, synthesize with our prepared bodies.Taking it to a technological analogy, it's very much like when we're adding software to our computers.

♥ First, the computer operating system checks for compatibility.♥ Second, it makes itself ready to receive the software. It'll add drivers, etc., as necessary. It may even update other associated software in the process.♥ Then, and only then, the new software is safely installed.

Does that make sense? I hope it does.

Clamoring for an Upgrade

My guides told me it's necessary to add this part, and showed me how to share it most effectively. 🙌You know how our favorite social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, etc. - roll out upgrades periodically? More often than not, that roll-out doesn't happen across the board. It may take days, weeks, or months for everyone to receive it.For those of us who prefer being always up-to-date, it can be tremendously frustrating. When friends and colleagues are having fun with new features we don't have yet, we want them even more.It can be the same experience with spiritual activation. We may realize our friends and peers received what appears to be a near-identical activation. Meanwhile, we're feeling left out.Here's where spiritual activation differs from Instagram upgrades: Readiness. Preparedness.Our Instagram interface doesn't require careful preparation to sync an upgrade. The upgrade just takes over and calls it "done."Let's circle back to physical readiness. If we aren't fully prepared to receive that activation - an addition to what already exists - it won't go well. The activation would probably be worthless to us.

That Said...

When a full-scale activation occurs, it isn't rolled out like what we experience with Instagram. Instead, it's a one-and-done opportunity. Everyone - and I do mean everyone - receives it at the same time.Some will understand what it is, and others won't. Some won't even notice it due to their extreme spiritual amnesia.Remember, we're in a time frame on Earth that revolves around raising the vibration of humans and planet. With each activation, more and more people are "waking up" to their soul call. That's why they're so important.It's highly likely the reason for this subject's need for airing is related to an upcoming full-scale activation. ("Yes.")Since that's the case, please permit yourself time to receive the preparatory light upgrades you need. Set aside quiet time; stillness time; meditation time.Receive. Upgrade. Activate.Here's the Spring energy video I made. Notice my "surge" response.

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