Perspective: Introspective

This is a recovered post from a botched website transfer in 2014. It was originally written and published on 05/14/2013.

I shared this quote on Facebook several days ago:
A lot of the pain that we are dealing with are really only thoughts. ~ Louise Hay

A couple of people expressed concern in comments.The quote didn't take into account people who have experienced or live with physical pain. I pointed out that the quote says "a lot," not all, but there was still a level of upset.I offered up my perspective: "What Louise is referring to in her quote is mental pain... For me, she's pointing out the obvious: we cause ourselves pain, unnecessarily and too often, by the way we think."A commenter pointed out that the quote didn't specify mental pain. She's absolutely right.I offered up my perspective again: "I think she meant to imply that with the oversized 'thoughts.'"My final comment was an expression of gratitude to the commenters for the reminder that we all have different perspectives. What seemed obvious to me wasn't obvious at all to others. And that's a beautiful thing.I deeply appreciate that we all see things differently, because it serves up an opportunity to not only see, but perhaps feel, from another's perspective. Beautiful.

Over to You

What's your perspective on the quote? (There's no right or wrong.)

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