Permission To Heal, Part 1

An acquaintance from the other side of the world posted recently that she had used Reiki on the cashier at the grocery store because the woman was copping an attitude (I'm paraphrasing), commenting how it helped to calm her (the cashier) down.I was aghast for two reasons:

1) She used Reiki on the woman without permission, and2) She did it to benefit herself because she didn't want to deal with the woman's perceived attitude (hello, ego!).

I did address my concerns with her; no talking behind her back going on here.For this post, I'm going to address the permission aspect, which can sometimes be a bone of contention between healers. The ego piece will be addressed in part two, later this week.Permission to Heal, Part 1 ~ The importance of sharing energy healing with permission.As a healer, it would be all too easy to fall into sending healing to anyone who crosses my path that I deem in need of assistance (or an attitude adjustment).It could be the guy on crutches, the elderly woman slowly moving her aching joints, the Red Sox player who just got hit by the ball...It would be so easy. And, truly, it certainly would aid the targets on some level to be doing all that "good"; helping and healing without end. Amen. Right?WRONG.Being a healer doesn't give me permission to heal everyone and anyone willy-nilly as I see fit. That's ego cleverly disguised as omnipotent healer, and I won't do it. And I strongly encourage you not to do it.Anyone who is a potential recipient of healing has free will. That free will dictate that what is done to their body, mind, and/or soul is their choice; not mine and not yours.Stop and think how you would feel if someone saw you in the mall, noticed you appeared to be in some pain, walked up to you and jabbed a needle in your arm, saying, "This will make you feel better. You're welcome."Once they withdraw the needle, they walk away, patting themselves on the back for their accomplished healing mission.It was all done with the best of intentions, right? So it was okay for that person to jab you with that healing needle, right?Not so much.Which is why I feel strongly we must treat others with the same respect of self and body with which we expect to be treated.We must give them the choice as to what to have done to their body, mind and soul just as we retain the choice to choose what we have done to ours.I hope that makes sense. Maybe this will help:As much as we, as energy healers, can give healing, the person to whom we're giving must be receptive. They must be willing to receive. (Not talking about belief here. Different subject.)In order to effect true healing, they - and we, too - must be active participants in the process.Since I expect there may be "buts" that include, for instance, someone in a coma, or a baby, or the victim of a just-happened car accident, let me qualify the free will permission requirement with this:If a loved one (or a loved one's loved one) is in a coma, the baby is either yours or that of someone you know (who is requesting healing), it's an emergency situation and the victim is unconscious and either alone or without an advocate who can give you the nod...By all means facilitate healing with the intent that it be for the person's highest good, remembering that healing means many different things and may not be what you expect.And consider this: Prayer is a form of energy healing. Say a prayer for those you feel need some support. (And make sure it's coming from your heart, not your head.)We are practitioners; we aren't God.As we have rights, so do potential recipients.As we ask our clients, "May I put my hands on you?" so must we ask strangers.Please obtain permission.

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